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August 1 st town hall
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August 1 st Town Hall. Welcome to the August 1 st Town Hall We will begin the webinar shortly. Dial in number is 1-866-764-6750 Please use *# to mute your phone. You can unmute your phone using *#. Support at:

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August 1 st Town Hall

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August 1 st town hall

August 1st Town Hall

  • Welcome to the August 1st Town Hall

    • We will begin the webinar shortly.

    • Dial in number is 1-866-764-6750

    • Please use *# to mute your phone. You can unmute your phone using *#.

    • Support at:

    • Goal: Provide a weekly forum to answer LEA questions on Data Pipeline and inform LEA’s on any upcoming news and updates.


Webinar etiquette

Webinar Etiquette

  • Mute Your Phone (*# Mutes and Un-mutes Individual Phones)

  • Enter your Name and your District when logging into the webinar (no password will be needed)

  • For today’s event, we will hold the Q&A session at the end of the presentation:

    • Type it in the Chat Box for a response OR

    • Raise Your Hand:

      • A presenter will call your name

      • After your name is called, un-mute your phone and speak your question/comment

  • Please be respectful of others time; we may need to have a separate conversation later to best help you




  • CDE Staff Introductions


Talking points

Talking Points

  • Pilot Updates

  • Active Pipeline Collections

  • TSDL

  • Open Mic


Phase i pilots



Special education end of year pilot

Special Education End of Year Pilot

Phase I:July 29th – August 9th

*GOAL- test the functionality of the IEP Interchange in both the Statewide Data Management System and Data Pipeline.

  • Practice file uploads

  • Data validation/error correction

  • Coordination of student interchange data

  • Cognos Reports

  • Snapshot creation


Active pipeline collections





  • Even though “Official” Phase I And II Pilots are complete you can still go into the following collections and explore:

    • Student Interchange

    • Student October Snapshot

    • Staff Interchange

    • HR Snapshot

    • Report Card March Periodic

    • SBD Periodics

    • December Finance Periodic

    • Title I Interchange



Pilots continued

Pilots Continued

  • 11th Grade Alternate Periodic

  • TSDL Interchange

  • Recommend going into collections periodically to ensure that you keep up your knowledge and skills up.

  • Make sure your LAM has assigned you the group before you go into the Data Pipeline.

  • 10

    Implementation milestones

    Implementation Milestones


    Teacher student data link

    Teacher Student Data Link

    TSDL Update



    August 1 st town hall


    Teacher student data link overview

    Teacher Student Data Link Overview

    What is it?

    TSDL will help school districts in creating data links with students and the educators responsible for their learning.

    • Improve instruction.

    • Inform and increase educator effectiveness.

    • Supporting the continuous improvement of teaching and learning.

    • Provide a best practice framework for:

      • Teacher of record definition

      • Roster Verification- for collecting and validating linked teacher and student data.

    • Conduct research on data trends

    Why are we doing this?


    August 1 st town hall

    Purpose of TSDL

    Study educator mobility, recruitment, and retention issues

    Identify Characteristics of effective educators


    August 1 st town hall

    What will CDE do with TSDL Data?

    Data Use

    What can Districts do with TSDL Data?

    Provide differentiated support to teachers

    Support teachers to personalize classroom instruction

    Inform educator evaluation and staffing assignments

    Identify and deploy district resources to meet demonstrated needs.

    • Provide educator effectiveness data to preparation programs for program improvement

    • Research best practices that result in increased student outcomes

    • Deploy department resources to areas or regions with demonstrated needs


    August 1 st town hall

    • What makes up the Teacher Student Data Link?

      • TSDL Components

      • Educator of Record definition

      • Educator ID

      • Roster Verification

      • Standard Course Codes


    August 1 st town hall

    TSDL - Components


    August 1 st town hall

    What is happening with TSDL?

    • Site Visits

    • Traveling across the state to provide information on TSDL and Roster Verification

    • Pilots

    • TSDL Pilot

    • Phase I (4/8-4/19) - Testing business rules of development within pipeline

    • Phase II (5/13- August)- Continue testing business rules with all districts.

    • Roster Verification Pilot

    • Phase I (2/4-3/1) - Extract data and introduce software to pilot districts.

    • Phase II (3/15-5/24) – Work with pilot teachers and administrators to verify rosters and begin to discuss local business rules

    • Lessons Learned

    • Course instructor data is stored in separate “HR” database.

    • 2 Audiences- Data and Administration

    • Significant amount of time will be spent locally developing business rules around SIS operation along with roster verification processes.


    August 1 st town hall

    Next Steps

    • Communications Strategies

      • Updating website

        • Purpose/Fact sheet/What is TSDL?/Roster Verification/Extract elements/Timelines.

      • Weekly Webinars

        • Tuesday 11:00-12:00 Data communications

        • Other webinars to begin messaging for Administration

    • Follow up with Roster Verification Pilots

      • Continue discussions around local business rules.

      • Continue to explore other options to verify rosters (xls, BFK, SIS).


    August 1 st town hall


    • 2012-2013 Data was only used for the pilots.

    • 2013-2014 Data will be collected in pipeline and will provide semi-clean data as districts begin to work with their local data and the TSDL extract.

    • 2014-2015 Data collected will be used to begin trend analysis for research at the state level. Specific analysis at the district level.


    Open mic

    Open Mic!


    August 1 st town hall1

    August 1st Town Hall

    Thanks for joining us today!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Next Town Hall: August 8th


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