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Outline. Introduction of my lifeMeTimeline of my lifeElementary schoolJunior High schoolHigh schoolCollegeEnding. Introduction. Hi my name is Cody Cielenski I am a freshman at Western Michigan university. I am a business major. My mission statement in life is to work hard because in the end

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My Life

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1. My Life Cody Cielenski Tuesday-Thursday 1:00-1:50 Bala

2. Outline Introduction of my life Me Timeline of my life Elementary school Junior High school High school College Ending

3. Introduction Hi my name is Cody Cielenski I am a freshman at Western Michigan university. I am a business major. My mission statement in life is to work hard because in the end it will all pay off. Ive play football at the university and have had personal experience with this statement. The end result of hard work is always success one way or another.

4. Me I grew up in Downers Grove, Illinois my parents reside there. I enjoy sports, movies and long walks on the beach. I play almost every sport and enjoy doing football related activities all day and every day.

5. TimeLine -Born Dec 18,1986 -moved to Westmont Illinois 1990 Attended Whittier elementary school 1993 Moved to Downers Grove 1994 Graduated from Whittier 1999 Graduated from Herrick middle school 2001 Won The Illinois 8a state championship 2004 Graduated from Downers Grove north high school 2005 Received full scholarship to Western Michigan university 2005 Attending Western Michigan university as a freshman 2005

6. Elementary School I attend Whittier elementary school in Downers Grove, Illinois. This school was a kindergarten through sixth grade. I attended this school from 1993-1999.

7. Junior High School After attended Whittier Elementary school I moved to Herrick Middle school a junior high. I attended Herrick from 1999-2001, graduating In summer of 2001. During my Junior high years I played football for the peewee team known as the Downers Grove Panthers. We won the Illinois pee wee championships in 2000.

8. High School I attended Downers Grove North high school from 2001-2005, graduating in summer 2005. During my high school years I was captain of the football team 3 years strait. I am currently the Illinois state sack leader with (44) career sacks in my high career. In my four years at downers grove north I had a 40-6-1 record. Winning conference twice and making a state championship run.

9. College I am a freshman at the Western Michigan University. I am part of the class of 2009. I will be a business major focusing on personal financial planning with a minor in real estate. I am a member of the wmu football team. We finished the season 7-4 and are on a are way up this season.


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