“We’re From the Government and We’re Here to Help You”
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January 25, 2012 EDUCAUSE Webinar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“We’re From the Government and We’re Here to Help You” Privacy Initiatives at the U.S. Department of Education. January 25, 2012 EDUCAUSE Webinar. Kathleen M. Styles, Chief Privacy Officer Michael B. Hawes, Statistical Privacy Advisor. Presentation Overview.

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Presentation Transcript

“We’re From the Government and We’re Here to Help You”Privacy Initiatives at the U.S. Department of Education

January 25, 2012EDUCAUSE Webinar

Kathleen M. Styles, Chief Privacy Officer

Michael B. Hawes, Statistical Privacy Advisor

Presentation overview
Presentation Overview You”

  • Overview of changes to FERPA regulations

  • Privacy initiatives at ED

  • Priorities for 2012

  • Interactive polls throughout

Poll 1
POLL #1 You”

We’re presuming most of you are in the postsecondary community. Which part of the postsecondary community do you work in specifically?

  • IT

  • Registrar/Administration/Admissions

  • Faculty

  • Other postsecondary role

  • Your assumption is wrong! I’m not part of the postsecondary community

Background student privacy
Background: Student Privacy You”

  • FERPA enacted 1974

  • Move to electronic records

  • State longitudinal databases

  • 2009 Fordham report

  • New risks and vulnerabilities

Breaches by educational institutions
Breaches by Educational Institutions You”

All varieties: hacking, loss of portable device, unintentional, insider breach, etc.

Source: Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Our favorite ferpa quote
Our Favorite FERPA Quote You”

Received in an email:

“You know how sometimes FERPA can tie your brain in a knot trying to think through it all?” 

Poll 2
Poll #2 You”

Question: Which answer best characterizes your prior experience with FERPA?

  • I’m a pro! I work with the statute and regs all the time

  • I work with FERPA, but find it confusing

  • I know what FERPA is, but don’t work with it often

  • FERPA? What’s FERPA?

Ferpa postsecondary ed
FERPA & Postsecondary Ed You”

  • FERPA Basics

  • Health and safety emergencies

  • Intersection with state and local laws

Early 2011 ed privacy initiatives begin
Early 2011 – ED Privacy Initiatives Begin You”

  • FERPA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

  • Best Practices -- NCES Technical Briefs

  • Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)

  • Chief Privacy Officer

Late 2011 building on progress
Late 2011: Building on Progress You”

  • Regulatory changes

  • PTAC best practice documents

  • Privacy Advisory Committee

  • Soliciting input

Ferpa regulatory changes
FERPA Regulatory Changes You”

  • 274 Comments received

  • Final FERPA regulatory changes

    • December 2, 2011 Federal Register

    • Effective January 3, 2012

  • The new regulations serve to:

    • Strengthen enforcement

    • Help ensure student privacy

    • Improve program effectiveness

New definitions for audits and evaluations
New Definitions for Audits and Evaluations You”

  • Authorized Representative

    • Any entity or individual designated by a State or local educational authority or an agency headed by an official… to conduct—with respect to Federal- or State-supported education programs—any audit or evaluation, or any compliance or enforcement activity in connection with Federal legal requirements that relate to these programs (FERPA regulations, § 99.3).

  • Education Program

    • Any program principally engaged in the provision of education, including, but not limited to, early childhood education, elementary and secondary education, postsecondary education, special education, job training, career and technical education, and adult education, and any program that is administered by an educational agency or institution (FERPA regulations § 99.3).

Ferpa regulatory changes audit and evaluation
FERPA Regulatory Changes – Audit and Evaluation You”

  • Authorized Representative

  • Written Agreements

  • Reasonable Methods

  • “Guidance on Reasonable Methods and Written Agreements”

Ferpa regulatory changes studies exception
FERPA Regulatory Changes – Studies Exception You”

  • State educational authorities acting on behalf of their constituent schools

  • Requirement for written agreements

Poll directory information
POLL – Directory Information You”

  • Does your institution currently have a directory information policy?

    • Yes, we have a directory information policy

    • Sort-of. We have a policy, but it could use improvement

    • No, we don’t have a directory information policy

    • Directory information? What’s that?

Ferpa regulatory changes directory information
FERPA Regulatory Changes – Directory Information You”

  • ID badges

  • Limited directory information

Poll ferpa and directory information
POLL – FERPA and Directory Information You”

  • In light of the recent FERPA reg changes, do you think your institution will change its directory information policy?

    • Yes

    • Maybe

    • No

    • We don’t have a policy

Ferpa regulatory changes enforcement
FERPA Regulatory Changes - Enforcement You”

  • Enforcement against entities without students

  • 5 year ban

Priorities for 2012
Priorities for 2012 You”

  • Guidance and Best Practices

  • Inter-Agency Collaboration

  • Publishing Data While Protecting PII

Guidance! You”

PTAC Initiatives

  • Move to CPO Office

  • Expansion to LEAs

  • Coordination with FPCO

  • Site visits and regional meetings

  • Helping organizations come into compliance

    Guidance Documents and Training Resources

    Case studies

Best practices and guidance resources
Best Practices and Guidance Resources You”

  • Guidance on Reasonable Methods and Written Agreements

  • Data Stewardship: Managing Personally Identifiable Information in Electronic Student Education Records

  • Basic Concepts and Definitions for Privacy and Confidentiality in Student Education Records

  • Responding to IT Security Audits: Improving Data Security Practices

  • Data Security: Top Threats to Data Protection

  • Data Security Checklist

  • Data Governance and Stewardship

  • Data Governance Checklist

  • Data Security and Management Training: Best Practice Considerations

Inter agency collaboration
Inter-Agency Collaboration You”

  • Agriculture: Free and reduced price lunch data

  • Federal Trade Commission: Child ID theft

  • Health and Human Services: Early Childhood programs

  • Department of Justice: Patriot Act amendments to FERPA

Data release policy
Data Release Policy You”

  • Utility vs. privacy in data tables

  • Disclosure avoidance in an information-rich world

  • A need for more uniformity and rigor

  • Strong public interest

  • Data Release Working Group

Unsettled questions
Unsettled Questions You”

  • Cloud Computing

  • Video Recordings

  • Email

Privacy and transparency
Privacy AND Transparency You”

  • Culture of confidentiality

  • Maintaining transparency

Have questions
Have Questions? You”

  • Privacy Technical Assistance Center

    • Telephone: (855) 249-3072

    • Email: [email protected]

    • FAX: (855) 249-3073

    • Website: www.ed.gov/ptac

Family Policy Compliance Office

Telephone: (202) 260-3887

Email: [email protected]

FAX: (202) 260-9001

  • Website: www.ed.gov/fpco

Poll feedback
Poll - Feedback You”

Question: How helpful did you find today’s webinar?

  • Very helpful!

  • Somewhat helpful.

  • Not at all helpful.