Exp1 cc group lab2 system and network administration
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Exp1(CC Group), Lab2. System and Network Administration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EE 505 Electrical Engineering Experiment. Exp1(CC Group), Lab2. System and Network Administration. Chulmin Kim, KAIST CORE Lab. Apr/23/2010. Contents. 1. Objectives. 2. Environment Configuration. 3. Guide for Experiment. 4. Guide for Problems. 5. Summary and Policies.

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Exp1 cc group lab2 system and network administration

Exp1(CC Group), Lab2. System and Network Administration

Chulmin Kim, KAIST CORE Lab. Apr/23/2010





Environment Configuration


Guide for Experiment


Guide for Problems


Summary and Policies

Objectives of lab2
Objectives of Lab2

  • Many ways to utilize Linux Machine

    • Making a server for…

      • Licensed Work (Exp, Tools …)

      • Web server

      • File server

      • DB server and etc…

      • Mainly…. T.A. job!  (It’s a joke !!)

  • A Server consists of …

    • Networking

    • Storage

    • CPU

Main Concerns of Server Configuration

Objectives of lab21
Objectives of Lab2

  • List of your learning from Lab 2

    • Authorization

    • Filesystem

    • Network & Filesystem

    • Firewall for Proper Networking

    • Make

Environment configuration
Environment Configuration



Your Instance Machine

(a machine with private IP will be given to each team)

  • How to Access?

  • Gate Machine :

    • Id : ee505 pw: 1234

  • One machine per each team. (rearrange)

    • Will be Informed the day before the experiment day.

  • Backup your work frequently in elsewhere!



Your Window Computer

GateMachine of CCIU

Your Instance Machine

Your Instance Machine

Environment configuration1
Environment Configuration

  • Cautions!

    • As usual

      • Don’t reboot or shutdown your machine

      • Change your root password during your experiment

    • New Cautions!

      • Return your machine before leaving the exp room.

        • Change the password back to 1234

        • Remove all your results

      • The machine is yours only during the experiment

        • I hope you to take snapshots for the main-report at that time.

        • Of course, I can help you when you request your machine for the report, later.

Guide for the experiment
Guide For the Experiment

  • Overview

    • Actually, this experiment is for 1 week course.

    • However, System and Network Administration?

      • Huge Area

      • Lots of people take this as their job. (admin of web server, data center, IST of each company or association.)

    • We are just tasting a part of it.

Guide for the experiment1
Guide For the Experiment

  • Authorization (권한)

User 1

User 2

User 3

Normal User

“Power Overwhelming”

Limited Operations




A Machine

Ex. Passwd command of normal users always require current password.

Ex. Passwd command of root does not require current password.

Guide for the experiment2
Guide For the Experiment

  • Filesystem/Storage

When a User stores..

A Machine


Guide for the experiment3
Guide For the Experiment

  • Filesystem/Storage

When a User load..

How can you know where

the Yuna Kim’s show video is

among large space of storages?

Filesystem :

Manages storages logically, systematically and efficiently

Mkfs – make infrastructure in

storage for the filesystem

Mount – declare the storage using

the certain filesystem.


A Machine


Guide for the experiment4
Guide For the Experiment

  • Network Filesystem

    • NFS (Linux), CIFS (Windows)

    • Def : Possible to do File Operations (read, write, create, delete …) over the Network

    • Linux Filesystem Structure and NFS

<Mount Local Filesystem>

<Mount Network Filesystem>






Other machine


Guide for the experiment5
Guide For the Experiment

  • Firewall Configuration

    • In Data Communication

      • IP and PORT should be specified for the source and destination.

    • The simplest ways to block illegal access to the machine,

      • Blocking specific Ports and/or IP

      • Allowing specific Ports and/or IP

    • Additionally,

      • Application Proxy

      • Circuit Gateway

        • These methods will not be considered in our experiment.

Guide for the experiment6
Guide For the Experiment

  • Make Utility

    • Consider it as extension of Shell Script

      • It means you should learn the usage yourself!

      • It’s just an utility. Get several tips and methods from the material.

    • Basic Concepts

      • Compile or Install Lots of sources simply and automatically.

      • Usually, the compile commands have similar sentence.

        • Remove identical part using shell script

    • Ex. Linux Kernel Source Compiling

      • Source size -> about 500MB, lots of files

      • Needed command for compiling -> make (only 1 word with 4 characters!)

Guide for the problems 3 3 3 5
Guide For the Problems 3.3, 3.5

  • 3.3, Firewall

    • Sometimes, wrong iptable rule makes your machine not accessible.

      • Change rule2 . Port number 22 -> 21

      • Add a new rule that open port number 22(ssh) for all ip.

  • 3.5, NFS,FTP + Firewall

    • If you following the material faithfully, it will be the easiest problem.

    • Before typing iptables, think once again!

      • Your machine can block you who cannot touch the machine physically. -> Say goodbye to the machine.

Guide for the problems 3 4
Guide For the Problems 3.4

  • 3.4 CGI + Web server + Shell Command

    • Sorry for Sudden Attack of CGI

      • BUT, it is EASY! (I provide a source code, partially blind.)

      • In the pre-report, you got some information about it.

    • You configure your web server in your machine.

    • Write a html code using CGI

    • ‘chmod +s /sbin/iptables’ in your machine (SUID Setting)

    • Access the html, and check the result

Guide for the problems 3 41
Guide For the Problems 3.4

  • 3.4 CGI + Web server + Shell Command

    • Example Result

Policies of lab2
Policies of Lab2

  • Pre-report

    • Already submitted,, right?

  • Demonstration

    • Range : all of Lab2 -> Contents of 1st week + 2nd week of Lab2

  • Main-Report

    • 1 per each group

    • Due Date : 5/7, 11:59PM

    • Page Limit : 10 pages (except figures, tables)

    • Both Hard Copy(not decided yet)

      and Soft Copy([email protected])

  • Grading Policy -> Same with Lab1

Thank you!

ENJY your EXP.