Launching the new nation
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Launching the New Nation. Chapter 6.3. Fill in your guided notes. Jefferson Alters the Nation’s Course. 15 States now occupy the territory Jefferson a cquired in the Louisiana Purchase!. Jefferson Wins Presidential Election of 1800.

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Launching the New Nation

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Launching the New Nation

Chapter 6.3

Fill in your guided notes

Jefferson Alters the Nation’s Course

15 States now occupy the territory Jefferson

acquired in the Louisiana Purchase!

Jefferson Wins Presidential Election of 1800

  • Democratic-Republican, Jefferson beats President Adams, but ties running mate Aaron Burr.

  • House of Representatives casts 35 ballots without breaking tie

  • Hamiltonintervenes with Federalists to give Jefferson the victory.

  • Reveals flaw in electoral process; 12thAmendment passed:

    • electors cast separate ballots for president and vice president

Burr was mad at Hamilton… so he SHOT HIM!

Simplifying the Presidency

  • Jefferson replaces some Federalists officials with Democratic-Republicans.

  • Reduces size of armed forces; cuts social expenses of government.

  • Eliminates internal taxes; reduces influence of Bank of the U.S.

  • Favors freetrade over government-controlled trade, tariffs.

What one word would you use to describe Jefferson’s direction?

John Marshall & the Supreme Court

  • Federalist John Marshall is Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for more than 30 years

  • Adams pushes the Judiciary Act of 1801, adding 16 federal judges

  • Appoints Federalist – midnight judges - on his last day as president

  • Jefferson argues undelivered appointment papers are invalid

Marbury v. Madison

  • 1803: William Marbury sues to have papers delivered

    • Judiciary Act of 1789 requires Supreme Court order; Marshall rules requirement unconstitutional

  • Judicial Review - Supreme Court able to declare laws unconstitutional

Louisiana Purchase

What do we know about the Louisiana Purchase?

Americans were and were wanting to move west.

  • Ohio 1800: 45,000

    Ohio 1810: 231,000

  • Louisiana returned to France; Jefferson fears strong French presence in North America

  • James Monroe is sent to help American Ambassador Robert Livingston negotiate.

  • Napoleon decides to sell ALL French territories for $15 mil.

  • Louisiana Purchase more than doubles the size of the United Sates.


  • With a partner, read the section titled ‘The Louisiana Purchase’ from the worksheet (also available in the textbook pg. 201)

  • OBJECTIVE: You and your partner are in the shoes of Monroe & Livingston. You are uncertain as to the powers you have in Paris. Draft a one-page (single sided) letter to President Jefferson explaining the current situation. Must be in the format of a letter.

    • Explain who is involved?

    • Why is France offering more money then initially discussed?

    • Do you (as Monroe & Livingston) believe this is a good idea for the U.S., why or why not (at least 2 reasons)?

    • List one risk of acquiring the territory from France?

    • How could this purchase affect American expansion?

Map of the Louisiana Purchase

Lewis & Clark

  • Jefferson appoints Lewis and Clark to lead Corps of Discovery:

    • explore new territory, find route to the Pacific Ocean; gather information about people, plants animals.

  • Native American woman, Sacajawea, serves as interpreter, guide

    • Keeps them alive!

  • 2 years, 4 months; only one death

Sacajawea Dollar Coin


  • Look at the Four Square Worksheet:

    • Complete 3 of the 4 boxes

    • You must complete the Marbury v. Madison box

    • BUT,you have the option of which other 2 boxes to complete

    • DUE: Beginning of class tomorrow (Tuesday Sep, 17)

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