Launching the new nation
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Launching the New Nation. Chapter 6.3. Fill in your guided notes. Jefferson Alters the Nation’s Course. 15 States now occupy the territory Jefferson a cquired in the Louisiana Purchase!. Jefferson Wins Presidential Election of 1800.

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Launching the new nation

Launching the New Nation

Chapter 6.3

Fill in your guided notes

Jefferson alters the nation s course
Jefferson Alters the Nation’s Course

15 States now occupy the territory Jefferson

acquired in the Louisiana Purchase!

Jefferson wins presidential election of 1800
Jefferson Wins Presidential Election of 1800

  • Democratic-Republican, Jefferson beats President Adams, but ties running mate Aaron Burr.

  • House of Representatives casts 35 ballots without breaking tie

  • Hamiltonintervenes with Federalists to give Jefferson the victory.

  • Reveals flaw in electoral process; 12thAmendment passed:

    • electors cast separate ballots for president and vice president

Burr was mad at Hamilton… so he SHOT HIM!

Simplifying the presidency
Simplifying the Presidency

  • Jefferson replaces some Federalists officials with Democratic-Republicans.

  • Reduces size of armed forces; cuts social expenses of government.

  • Eliminates internal taxes; reduces influence of Bank of the U.S.

  • Favors freetrade over government-controlled trade, tariffs.

What one word would you use to describe Jefferson’s direction?

John marshall the supreme court
John Marshall & the Supreme Court

  • Federalist John Marshall is Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for more than 30 years

  • Adams pushes the Judiciary Act of 1801, adding 16 federal judges

  • Appoints Federalist – midnight judges - on his last day as president

  • Jefferson argues undelivered appointment papers are invalid

Marbury v madison
Marbury v. Madison

  • 1803: William Marbury sues to have papers delivered

    • Judiciary Act of 1789 requires Supreme Court order; Marshall rules requirement unconstitutional

  • Judicial Review - Supreme Court able to declare laws unconstitutional

Louisiana purchase
Louisiana Purchase

What do we know about the Louisiana Purchase?

Americans were and were wanting to move west.

  • Ohio 1800: 45,000

    Ohio 1810: 231,000

  • Louisiana returned to France; Jefferson fears strong French presence in North America

  • James Monroe is sent to help American Ambassador Robert Livingston negotiate.

  • Napoleon decides to sell ALL French territories for $15 mil.

  • Louisiana Purchase more than doubles the size of the United Sates.


  • With a partner, read the section titled ‘The Louisiana Purchase’ from the worksheet (also available in the textbook pg. 201)

  • OBJECTIVE: You and your partner are in the shoes of Monroe & Livingston. You are uncertain as to the powers you have in Paris. Draft a one-page (single sided) letter to President Jefferson explaining the current situation. Must be in the format of a letter.

    • Explain who is involved?

    • Why is France offering more money then initially discussed?

    • Do you (as Monroe & Livingston) believe this is a good idea for the U.S., why or why not (at least 2 reasons)?

    • List one risk of acquiring the territory from France?

    • How could this purchase affect American expansion?

Lewis clark
Lewis & Clark

  • Jefferson appoints Lewis and Clark to lead Corps of Discovery:

    • explore new territory, find route to the Pacific Ocean; gather information about people, plants animals.

  • Native American woman, Sacajawea, serves as interpreter, guide

    • Keeps them alive!

  • 2 years, 4 months; only one death

Sacajawea Dollar Coin


  • Look at the Four Square Worksheet:

    • Complete 3 of the 4 boxes

    • You must complete the Marbury v. Madison box

    • BUT,you have the option of which other 2 boxes to complete

    • DUE: Beginning of class tomorrow (Tuesday Sep, 17)