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Nasreddin HODJA The Turk who makes the world laugh. Why is he famous both in Turkey and the world ?. Why is he loved so much ?. The answers are actually hiding in the questions .

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Nasreddin HODJA


Why is he famous both in turkey and the world
Why is he famousboth in Turkeyandtheworld?

Why is he loved so much
Why is he lovedsomuch?

Theanswersareactuallyhiding in thequestions

Nasreddin Hodja was born in 1208 in thevillage of Hortu near Sivrihisar (a townnear Afyon) in the west part of Central Anatolia.

AllpeoplelikedNasreddinHodjaandtheyusedto listen tohimrespectfullyallthetime.He taughtpeopleby his jokes.

He alwaysrode on his donkeybackward

He died in 1284 in Akşehir.

Nasreddin HODJA is a veryintelligentman.

In 1237, he moved thetownAksehir to studywiththe notably scholars of the time ,Seyid Mahmud Hayrani and SeyidHaci Ibrahim.

NasreddinHoca was a philosopher, wise, witty man with a good

sense of humor.

Nasreddin HODJA lovedallanimals.Some of his jokesareabout his donkey He alwaysrode on his donkeybackward.

His jokes are still very popular in turkey he teaches people while making them laugh
His jokesarestillvery popular in Turkey.He teachespeoplewhilemakingthemlaugh.

The year 1996 was proclaimed “Nasreddin Hodja year” by UNESCO

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