The little red book
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THE LITTLE RED BOOK. Analyze: It means to not be afraid to do what is right and that you are free to follow Mao Zedong’s Red army with no punishment of Revolution.

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The little red book


The little red book

Analyze: It means to not be afraid to do what is right and that you are free to follow Mao Zedong’s Red army with no punishment of Revolution.

“Hold High the great Red Banner of Mao Zedong thought to wage the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution to the end –Revolution is no crime , to rebel is justified.”

In following the revolutionary road strive for a even greater victory

Analyze: Describes Mao as being at the top of his Party and also at the front of the Cultural Revolution so as he strives to gain power and make his dreams come true through the Red Army.

“In following the Revolutionary road strive for a even greater Victory .”

The chinese people have stood up the standing up was meaningful chinese people were on their knees

“The Chinese people have stood up. The standing up was meaningful , Chinese people were on their knees.”

Mao Zedong

Analyze: Simply it means that the whole time they are being united under Mao Zedong for the Cultural Revolution.

Mao zedong

Mao Zedong

“Everything that Mao Zedong says is the truth; every statement he utters is worth 10,000 sentences.”

Analyze: Means that the people trusted him in everything he decided and did not question his authority.

Nien cheng victim

Nien Cheng-victim

  • “A young man – A Red Guard , with an armband , he came up to me and he said : We are the Red Guards , We have come to take revolutionary actions against you ,Hand over the Keys.”

  • Cultural Revolution

Mao zedong1

Mao Zedong

Born to a hunanses peasant family.

Join Chinese Communist party as founder in the 1920.

Led disastrous autumn harvest uprising,

Communist spilt from nationalist Kuomintang party in 1949

led the red army in the long march

brought the communist outright victory in the nationalist in 1949

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