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Lesson 10 Vocabulary. By: Vitali Kublashvili. To explain in detail; To clarify. Expound. To make a detailed statement, Ms. Kopp was expounding on her favorite topic. Synonym- Elaborate, Clear Up, Dilate Antonym- Muddle, Confuse, Shorten. Cajole. Synonym- Coax, Wheedle, Sway

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Lesson 10 Vocabulary

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Lesson 10 Vocabulary

By: Vitali Kublashvili

To explain in detail; To clarify


To make a detailed statement, Ms. Kopp was expounding on her favorite topic.

Synonym- Elaborate, Clear Up, Dilate

Antonym- Muddle, Confuse, Shorten


Synonym- Coax, Wheedle, Sway

Antonym- Dissuade, Deter, Compel

To persuade with false promises and flattery

He cajoled his younger brother into doing his chores.


Synonym- enigmatic, mysterious, puzzling

Antonym- obvious, evident, apparent

The killer left no clues, and the murder remains an inscrutable mystery.

Not easily understood; Hard to fathom


Synonym- hesitate, object, resist

Antonym- agree, continue, proceed

To refuse stubbornly or abruptly; to stop short and refuse to go on.

When the officers where arresting a possible suspect she balked and refused to put the handcuffs on.

Ill-natured, bitter hostility

Synonym- Animosity, Harshness, Bitterness

Antonym- Friendliness, Kindness, Politeness

Many people where shocked when they found out that Chris Brown used acrimony behavior by beating his girlfriend Rihanna.



Stern and ill-humored

Synonym- forbidding, dismal, dreary

Antonym- pleasant, bright, happy

The teacher was being dour by not letting the kids work together.


To rejoice; To feel triumphant

Synonym- Celebrate, Cheer, Delighted

Antonym- grieve, mourn, sad

When the MVP trophy was announced Shaq exulted in his victory.


Having unlimited knowledge; All-knowing

Synonym- Almighty, wise, knowledgeable

Antonym- Unknowing, Unintelligent, Stupid

Isaac Newton is known as a very omniscient scientist for discovering the law of gravity.


Synonym- Possible, Doable, Achievable

Antonym- Unworkable, Impossible, Unlikely

Reasonable; Capable of being carried out

Most American voters voted for president Obama because they believed in his feasible ideas to restore the country and its economy.


A complete, ridiculous failure

Synonym- Disaster, Breakdown, Error

Antonym- Success, Miracle, Benefit

Electing president Bush to a 2nd term was a fiasco.


Synonym- forte, Profession, career

Anonym- Weakness, Inability, Frailty

The work one is especially suited for; Ones specialty; An occupation

Because of Yao Ming's height his métier is basketball.


To rise and fall; To vary irregularly

Synonym- Waver, Vacillate, Alternate

Antonym- Stabilize, Remain, Persist

Gas prices have been fluctuating over the past year.


Synonym- Bother, Pester, Tease

Antonym- Soothe, Assist, Support

To annoy or harass

William Hungs American idol addition harried the judges.


Synonym- anonymous, unknown, camouflaged

Antonym- Unhidden, Known, Identified

Disguised; Pretending not to be oneself.

Many teenagers have incognito identities so they can participate in elderly activities.


Synonym- Torpor, Lassitude, Dullness

Antonym- Vitality, Vigor, Thrilling

Lack of energy; sluggishness

In the Simpons, do to his laziness Homer Simpson is known as a very lethargic character.

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