Dynamics of the sexually abused child
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Dynamics of the Sexually Abused Child - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dynamics of the Sexually Abused Child . Foster Parent Training Week 9 October 12, 2012. Sexual Abuse. definition : Sexual abuse is any type of contact with a child for sexual gratification or pleasure. The inducement or coercion of a child to engage in any unlawful sexual activity;

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Dynamics of the sexually abused child

Dynamics of the Sexually Abused Child

Foster Parent Training

Week 9

October 12, 2012

Sexual abuse
Sexual Abuse


Sexual abuse is any type of contact with a child for sexual gratification or pleasure

Types of Abuse

What is a pedophile
What is a Pedophile? unlawful sexual activity;

Pedophiles are individuals who prefer sexual contact with children to adults. They are usually skilled at planning and executing strategies to involve themselves with children. There is evidence to suggest that pedophiles may share their information about children (e.g. child pornography). This can occur at an international level, particularly through the use of the Internet.

Features that characterize child sexual abuse include
Features that unlawful sexual activity;characterize childsexual abuse include:

  • Physical force/violence unlawful sexual activity;is very rarely used; rather the perpetrator tries to manipulate the child’s trust and hide the abuse.

What is ‘ unlawful sexual activity;Grooming?’

  • The sexual abuse of children frequently occurs as repeated episodes that become more invasive with time. Perpetrators usually engage the child in a gradual process of sexualizing the relationship over time

  • Incest unlawful sexual activity;accounts for about1/3 of all child sexual abuse

Risk factors for victimization
Risk unlawful sexual activity;Factors for Victimization

  • Female

  • Unaccompanied children

  • Children in foster care, adopted children, stepchildren

  • Physically or mentally handicapped children

  • History of past abuse

  • Poverty

  • War/armed conflict

  • Psychological or cognitive vulnerability

  • Single parent homes/broken homes

  • Social isolation (e.g. lacking an emotional support network)

  • Parent(s) with mental illness, or alcohol or drug dependency

DISCLOSURE unlawful sexual activity;

The child is forced to keep the sexual abuse a secret and initially feels trapped and helpless 

Feelings of helplessness lead to accommodative behavior

If disclosure occurs, failure of family to protect and support the child adequately, may lead to retraction of the disclosure.

** Child sexual abuse disclosures are usually a process rather than a single event.

Children who have been sexually abused

  • May feel angry, afraid, sad or confused

  • May have a great deal of griefand guilt

  • May be confused because of their own feelings

Children who have been sexually abused continued
CHILDREN WHO HAVE BEEN SEXUALLY ABUSED… unlawful sexual activity;(continued)

  • May “test the waters” at first, and later talk about facts and details in steps.

  • May say the abuse did not really happen and take back the allegations

  • May have enjoyed the attention

Indicator of child sexual abuse
Indicator of Child Sexual Abuse unlawful sexual activity;

What to do if you think a child has been sexually abused

  • Respect the child by listening to them-not criticizing them

  • Be calm in what you say and how you act

  • Understand children may not know how to describe exactly what happened

  • Do not promise “not to tell” anyone

  • Seek medical attention and counseling for the child

  • Say to the child:

    • “I believe you.”

    • “I love you.” (if appropriate)

    • “You did the right thing by telling me.”

    • “This is not your fault.”

    • “You are not bad.”

Investigative process
Investigative unlawful sexual activity;Process

During investigations, victims of child sexual abuse may:

1. Be interviewed on more than one occasion; at different locations (Children’s Advocacy Center)

2. Have to speak to social workers, law enforcement, therapists, attorneys and others

3. Be asked to testify in court against the perpetrator

4. Need to have a physical examination

Resources unlawful sexual activity;


Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky