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1. PDF Metadata Susan Fagan OEI/OIAA/IAD 8662993188 2025662021

2. Standard: PDF: When to Use And Document Metadata http://yosemite.epa.gov/OEI/webguide.nsf/standards-guidance/pdf-when2

3. Guidance Content requirements By default, present information in HTML, not PDF. If desired, you may also provide a PDF version, linked from all of the following: the same places where you link to the HTML version the top of the HTML version You are allowed to publish information in PDF without an HTML version if: the document is longer than 5 pages, or you need to preserve the formatting or layout of the original document (e.g. for printing), or you need to publish a paper document that has been scanned and for which no electronic version exists. you are providing a fillable PDF form. When linking to a PDF, you must follow the PDF Linking Standard. Create a document description with the following at minimum: Title is important and should be understandable. Include a date if possible (Month, Year) Author and the organization that published the document. Include US EPA, AAship or Region, Office or Program, Division. Only rarely will you use an individual author's name. Subject should be a short, descriptive summary of the document. Please limit this field to 190 characters. Keywords should be specific and descriptive. Use lower case. Separate words with commas but no spaces (e.g: pesticides,chemicals,methods,study). Phrases (e.g., Memorandum of Understanding) can be used as one keyword. Use at least two keywords and no more than ten.

4. How to To create a document description, open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and then choose File > Document Properties (or press Ctrl-D) Select the "Description" tab. Enter the information required above.

5. Rationale PDF is a useful format for publishing documents intended to be printed and read offline. It is also an efficient way to publish long documents. However, reading PDFs in a browser is more difficult than normal HTML pages (or equivalents) because the navigation, linking, and other conventions are different. In addition, it can be very difficult to make PDF files accessible. The limits above balance efficiency in creating Web content with the need to easily read short documents online. The document description is necessary to produce meaningful search results. Otherwise, the title in search results is unpredictable; it could be the path showing where the document sits on someone's hard drive, simply "untitled," or something equally unhelpful.

6. Reports at search.epa.gov


8. Find your TSSMS

9. Agency PDF Metadata is BAD

10. Look at the issues

11. Metadata from PDF Document Summary

12. Correct Metadata in Doc Summary One Process Download file Update Metadata Upload File New WCF Service via TZ (DeShelia Hall is contact) Send Request for quote* with TSSMS info Get estimate Metadata extracted to Spreadsheet Update Spreadsheet Metadata Audit by contracted Stuffed PDFs posted New Files Uploaded Processed by TSSMS and/or directory *guess is around $1500 minimum

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