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Peak Performers choose Shaklee Products. Shaklee products have been chosen by over 100 Medal Winners. SEVEN out of of Time-Life’s “25 Greatest Adventures of All Time” were powered by Shaklee products!. Mt. Everest — first American ascent without oxygen

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Peak Performers choose Shaklee Products

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Shaklee products have been chosen by over 100 Medal Winners

SEVEN out of of Time-Life’s “25 Greatest Adventures of All Time”

were powered by Shaklee products!

  • Mt. Everest — first American ascent without oxygen

  • Jacques Cousteau’s Calypso and Alcyon expeditions

  • Voyager — first nonstop flight around the world

  • Will Steger’s three record-breaking polar expeditions

  • Daedalus Project — set world record for human-powered flight

Will Steger – Solo to North Pole

  • Peak Performers have been using Shaklee for years!

  • In the 1980’s, Shaklee Canada sponsored …

  • The Canadian National Weightlifting Team

  • The Canadian Cross-Country Ski Team

  • The Canadian National Ski Jumping Team

  • The Canadian National Alpine Ski Team

  • The Canadian National Biathlon Ski Team

  • The Canadian Waterpolo Team

  • The Canadian National Rowing Team

1980 … Shaklee Provided the Nutrition for the American Everest Expedition with Sir Edmund Hillary,

The FIRST Mountain Climber to reach the

Top of Mount Everest

1980 – Shaklee became the official

Nutrition Consultant

to the

U.S. Ski Team

Shaklee has been their consultant for 31 years!

1983 – The FIRST American ascent up Mt. Everest WITHOUT Supplemental Oxygen

was powered by Shaklee products!

1986 … Shaklee Products provided Nutrition for the

First Recorded Expedition by Dogsled

to the North Pole,

led by explorer, Will Steger

1988 – Shaklee products powered

The Longest Human-Powered Flight …

a world record that has never been beaten.

This Daedalus pilot pedaled a super lightweight plane 72 miles across a sea near Greece (in 3 hours & 55 minutes).

3 1/2 quarts of Shaklee Performance was his only fuel!

… a superman effort equivalent to running two nonstop marathons

1988 – Shaklee Canada provided Nutrition for the

Soviet-Canadian Polar Bridge Expedition with Richard Weber …

The First Surface Crossing of the Arctic Ocean

on Skis

1989 - Shaklee sponsored The Ironman Triathlon (Penticton, British Columbia)

  • In the 1990’s, Shaklee Canada sponsored …

  • The National Alpine Ski Team

  • The National Biathlon Team

  • The Canadian Waterski Team

  • The Cross Country Ski Team

  • The Ski Jumping/Nordic Combined Team

  • The Canadian National Freestyle Ski Team

  • The Canadian Cycling Association

  • The Canadian Rowing Team

For 18 years, since 1993 – Shaklee has provided NASA with a customized rehydration beverage for shuttle astronauts

Special Re-hydration drink for the shuttle astronauts AstroAid (“Performance)

1994 Winter Olympics

8 of Canada’s

12 medals

were won by

athletes using

Shaklee Products

May 16th - Sept. 4th, 1994: First Woman to Run across Canada … Powered by Shaklee

Jo Wells, 44 year old woman from Burlington, Ontario, was the first woman to run completely across Canada from island to island.

111 days, 14 hours and 45 minutes … averaging 65 km per day.

1996 – Shaklee Powered Athletes won NINE MEDALS

including six gold from the Centennial Games in Atlanta


Shaklee Powered Athletes won

17 medals

including 15 golds from the

Athens Olympic Games

2006 – Shaklee Powered Athletes

… received

10 medals

(5 were Golds)

at the Olympics in Torino, Italy

Shaklee Powered Athletes won

21 medals

at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics


who want the best concentration, focus & be mentally alert to give them the

“Winning Edge”

Bill Demong, Skier

2 World Championship Medals and

11 World Cup Podiums

Annika Sorenson,

Professional Female Golfer

Bonnie Blair

Olympic Speed Skater

All NaturalInternational Body Building Champions

Daniel Champagne

Gatineau, Quebec

Age 44



Ange Gardien

Age 69

Dan Jansen

Olympic Speed Skater

Athletes Favourite Nutrition Products

  • Vita-Lea

  • The Superior Multiple

  • 23 Vitamins & Minerals

  • More Nutrients … More Strength … More Protection

  • Vitalizer

  • 80 bio-optimized nutrients in 6 capsules in a convenient, easy-to-take Daily Strip

  • 26 antioxidants

  • 23 essential vitamins and minerals

  • Probiotics

  • 7 Omega-3 ultra-pure fish oils

  • All 8 highly potent B vitamins, including biotin

  • Full spectrum Vitamin E from all 8 natural forms

Kerrin-Lee Gartner

Canadian Downhill Skier

1992 Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Patty Sheehan 1993

LPGA Hall of Fame Professional Golfer

Powered by Shaklee

  • Darin Shapiro

  • Champion Wakeboarder

  • 6 Pro Tour Championships

  • 4 Masters Championships

  • Multiple Gold & Silver Medals at

  • the X Games

  • Eli Bremer, World-Class Pentathlete

  • 2007 – Gold Medal in Pan American Games

  • 2008 – Bronze Medal in World Cup Final

Elaine Youngs

Olympic Beach Volleyball

Athletes Favourite Sports Drink

Shaklee Performance

Essential electrolytes to help PREVENT DEHYDRATION

  • Clinically proven to maintain athletes:

  • blood-glucose levels for muscle energy

  • and fluid levels for proper hydration.

  • Ashley Wagner, Figure Skater

  • 2009 – 4th Place U.S. Figure Skating Championship

  • 2010 – Bronze Medal Winner

Eric Wohlberg, Olympic Cyclist

Canadian Medal Winner –

Commonwealth Games 1998

Jimmy Johnson

NFL San Francisco 49ers

Hall of Famer


… keeps fit with Shaklee

Rick Ujfalussy

Body Builder, Personal Trainer

Carl Rundell, Elite Marathoner

2008 - First place @ U.S. Masters Championship 25K run

Pablo Marales

Olympic Swimmer

1984 Summer Olympics …relay gold and two silver

set the world record in the 100 m Butterfly

Athletes Favourite Protein Drinks

Optimal, quality protein maintains lean muscle mass and reduces injuries

  • Soy Protein

  • low-fat, non-GMO biologically complete protein (including

  • the nine essential amino acids)

  • Provides 14 grams of soy protein per serving

  • Lactose-free

  • Cinch Shake

  • A satisfying meal containing 24 grams of protein, 6 grams

  • of dietary fibre, vitamins/minerals, and leucine (to help

  • preserve lean muscle mass)

  • Four flavours: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, or café latte

  • Available in soy or whey protein

Shannon Porges, Triathlete

Alex Baumann

1984 Canadian Olympic Swimmer

Two world Records

Myrian Bedard, Olympic Biathlon

Michelle Simpson, the youngest Water Skier to ever finish third at the U.S. Open

Melani Turgeon, Olympic Skier

Reilley Rankin, LPGA Golfer

Athletes Favourite Energy Products


Energy Chews … “Just Chew it!”

On-the-go, pocket-sized energy chews …

· Feel energized within 30 minutes

· Healthy ingredients that work: (L-theanine and L-tyrosine to help

promote focus and alertness … energy producing B vitamins,

natural caffeine fromgreen tea, and vitamin D)

Energy Tea …“Liquid Oomph!”

· ENJOY—hot or cold

· Convenient single-serving sticks

· Contains a revitalizing , antioxidant-rich blend of Matcha, red, white

& green tea + taurine

CorEnergy … “Just Swallow it!”

Swallow three tablets to maintain energy and enhance stamina .

· Contains herbal adaptogens and antioxidant phytonutrients

· No chemical stimulants

· Ingredients: Cordyceps(mushroom extract), ginseng root, and green tea

Carly Piper, Gold Medalist Swimmer

Bethany Hart, Bobsled Winner

Jen Rodriquez, Speed Skater

Laurie Brandt

Mountain Bike Racer

Sandra Gal

Pro Golfer

Kris Freeman

Cross Country Skiing

2009 – Fourth Place

in the World Ski


Nourishment … On-the-Go

CINCH Meal-in-a-Bar

A Complete Breakfast or Lunch

Crunchy and satisfying, this Meal-in-a-Bar is a nutritionally complete breakfast or lunch. It’s packed with protein to keep you going, and leucine to help preserve muscle.

· Each bar is individually wrapped

· Each bar is loaded with 20 grams of non-GMO soy protein

and 6 grams of dietary fibre

· Only 260 calories per bar

Two DELICIOUS Flavours:

Blueberry Almond Crisp

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Craig Blanchette

21 world records in elite wheelchair racing

Zach Krych, Weight Lifter

… first place at the American Open

Kent Bostick


56 year old

2009 - First Place in USA Cycling Masters Road National Championship

2009 – Best All-Around Rider Award for the 55-59 age group

Troy Ackman

NFL (former quarterback: Dallas Cowboys)

Terry Bradshaw

NFL (former quarterback)

Athletes Favourite Recovery Drink

Shaklee Physique

Repairs and Builds Muscle for Faster Recovery after workout

A drug-free way to build lean muscle mass

  • banana-flavoured

  • contains high-quality whey protein isolates / milk protein

  • contains “exclusive Bio-Build formula” to deliver the ultimate protein-to-

  • carb ratio for enhanced muscle recovery and growth

Gary Carter

MLB (former catcher for the Expos)

Gary Hall, Jr., U.S. Champion Swimmer

10 Olympic Medals – 1996, 2000, 2004

Carla Overbeck

Olympic Gold Medalist, U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team

… Two-Time World Cup Champion

Willy Mays

former MLB player

Laura Dias, LBGA Golfer

4 “Top 10” Finishes

Ruthie Bolton

U.S.A. Women’s Basketball

1996 Gold Medal Winner

  • Shaklee sports nutrition products will give you the winning edge to excel in whatever sport you participate in!

  • … From little league to gold medal winning, elite athletes…

  • Shaklee gives you “drug-free” optimal nutrition for natural athletic success!

    YOU Win-Win!

Shaklee products are 100% unconditionally,

money back guaranteed.

Quality Products provide the WINNING EDGE!

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