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TRANSNATIONALITY. Benefits and future possibilities Transnational co-operation in the implementation of the ESF programmes in 2007 - 2013 Johannes Wikman, The Swedish ESF council. TRANSNATIONALITY. Experiences from one out of the 1200 Equal partnerships:

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Benefits and future possibilities

Transnational co-operation in the implementation of the ESF programmes in 2007 - 2013

Johannes Wikman, The Swedish ESF council


Experiences from one out of the 1200 Equal partnerships:

  • Gives a reality to EU membership (European dimension)

  • Establishes networks for wider use than just EQUAL

  • Improvement of national approach through a process of peer review

  • Raises the profile of national work and thereby contributes to more successful mainstreaming

  • Makes alternative sources of information available

  • Enables experimentation in areas of common interest

  • Increase self esteem and motivation

  • Increase capacity to adapt to new situations (also in national DPs)

  • Increase ability to relate to various perspectives

  • Improve social skills, empathy and assertiveness

The mainstream is where the principal, dominant ideas, attitudes, practices or trends are. To mainstream is about influencing these dominant ideas, attitudes, practices or trends to achieve change in policy and in practice.

Transnational partnerships,

a vehicle of added value

Without automatic link with



  • 3 factors of success :

  • The transnational project is a part of the local project

  • There are exchanges of trainers or staff,

  • - The TCP produces common tools or products


A well founded and verified tool to achieve:

Sustainable Development through innovation

(both personal, organisational and institutional)


  • Stimulating learning

  • Strengthening the power of initiative

  • Benchmarking (organised comparison)

  • Development of Ideas

  • New perspectives


Future possibilities:

  • Separate priority in ESF

  • Additional transversal funding possibility

    (like in EQUAL)

  • Earmarked part of every project decision

  • Broad collaboration based on interest

    What next?


  • Task force of MS (network platform)

  • Commission support for networking

  • Voluntary commitment to proposals


    Sweden, UKgb, Poland, France

    Czech rep, Italy, Greece and Finland



growth zone

Expanded comfort zone

Comfort zone

Promoting Transnational Cooperation

Four Strategic Choices

  • Rationale and function Why/what for?

  • Thematic preference About what?

  • Geographical preference With whom?

  • Sustainability What next?

Promoting Transnational Cooperation

Three Operational Choices

  • Actors and types of collaboration Who & how?

  • Support and guidance What else?

  • “Concertation” needs What if?

Promoting Transnational Cooperation

Two Programming options in ESF

  • Dedicated priority axis

  • Integration into “thematic” priorities

  • Or both!

Promoting Transnational Cooperation

One agreed communication strategy

  • Clear message to implementing bodies, potential promoters and other Member States

  • providing background information on the strategic and operational choices made


Thank You

for your attention…

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