Grid ipv6 porting update and experiments
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Grid IPv6 Porting Update and Experiments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grid IPv6 Porting Update and Experiments. Sheng Jiang, Piers O’Hanlon Peter Kirstein Team University College London. Outline. Brief Grid and Globus overview Combining Grid and IPv6 Activities to enable IPv6 in GT3 IPv6 porting issues and experience Latest project status update

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Presentation Transcript
Grid ipv6 porting update and experiments

Grid IPv6 Porting Updateand Experiments

Sheng Jiang, Piers O’Hanlon

Peter Kirstein Team

University College London

6net Workshop


  • Brief Grid and Globus overview

  • Combining Grid and IPv6

  • Activities to enable IPv6 in GT3

    • IPv6 porting issues and experience

  • Latest project status update

  • Proposed further Grid experiments

6net Workshop

Grid background
Grid Background

  • Grid – sharing resources in distributed networks

  • Computational Grid – performing large-scale computation

  • Data Grid – sharing storage devices and remote data access

  • For collaborative applications

  • Integrate Web services

6net Workshop

Globus and its role
Globus and Its Role

  • Globus – large academic Grid project

  • Globus Toolkit

    • A set of basic grid services

    • Essentially libraries and services for computational grids and grid applications

  • Current version 3 – GT3

    • Based on OGSA definition

    • Integrated Web services

6net Workshop

Grid over ipv6
Grid over IPv6

  • Full availability of IPv6 will allow provision of better Grid services

  • Massive scaling potential

  • Performance potentially much better

  • Virtual Orgs networking simplified

  • Mobility support in distributed networks

  • Auto-configuration for resource discovery

  • Better group communication via multicast

6net Workshop

Ipv6 porting stages
IPv6 Porting Stages

  • Setup IPv6-enabled and IPv6-only Env

    • Hosts support, APPs support

  • IPv4-only in IPv6-enabled Environment

    • May differ from IPv4-only Environment

  • IPv6-only

    • Minimum modification

  • IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack

    • Parallel support for IPv4 and IPv6

    • Be able to reply according to requests

    • Initialisation and runtime preferences

  • IPv4-only

    • Make sure IPv4 still work after modified

6net Workshop

Platform support for ipv6
Platform Support for IPv6

  • IPv6-enabled networking

    • IPv6-enabled routers

      • Forwarding (in hardware), dynamic routing

    • IPv6-enabled network services

      • E.g. DNS, Email, Web, etc

  • IPv6-enabled host

    • Broad Operating System support

    • IPv6 capable application API libraries

      • Java 1.4 IPv6 (JDK1.5 provides IPv6 for WinXP)

6net Workshop

Associated applications
Associated Applications

  • IPv6 support required from relevant Applications

  • Java run-time environment

    • JDK1.4 (Solaris/Linux)

    • JDK1.5 with fuller IPv6 functionalities

  • Container environments

    • Tomcat 5 tested on IPv6

    • Websphere tested on IPv6

6net Workshop

Experiment environment
Experiment Environment

  • Rack of 7 Linux Redhat-8.0 machines

    • Another 2 in Redhat-7.3 (IPv6-enabled)

    • Extendable up to 15 machines

  • Relevant APPs on testbed

    • JDK 1.4.2, Ant 1.6, Tomcat 5.0, PostgreSQL

    • JDK 1.5 Beta

  • GT 3 releases (alpha, 3.0.2, 3.2alpha, cvs)

    • GT3 core, stand-alone web container and GUI and GRAM

  • Uses host/user certificates with our own CA

  • Packet level network monitoring

    • Loopback and LAN interfaces (Ethereal)

6net Workshop

Porting gt3 to ipv6
Porting GT3 to IPv6

  • GT3 is mainly written in Java

    • Tested by ANL over JDK 1.3 without IPv6

    • Run it with JDK 1.4 (IPv6-enabled)

    • Moving to JDK 1.5

  • Class InetAddress used everywhere

    • Inet4Address and Inet6Address

  • Java IP-relative System Properties

    • perferIPv4Stack and perferIPv6Addresses

6net Workshop

Porting gt3 to ipv6 2
Porting GT3 to IPv6 (2)

  • Check for IP protocol dependencies

    • GT3 protocols/APIs

    • GT3 source code

  • Identify network related source code

    • Monitor network traffics while executing upper layer applications

    • Hard-code IP addresses

    • How to produce URLs (see RFC2732)

    • Sockets, Name lookups, etc

6net Workshop

Porting gt3 to ipv6 3
Porting GT3 to IPv6 (3)

  • Configuration

    • Initialisation, runtime

    • DNS naming issues

  • Deploy IPv6-enabled GT3 on Tomcat

  • Deploy IPv6-enabled GT3 on Websphere

    • University of Southampton

6net Workshop

Test Services

  • Shipped GT3 test services

    • GT3 OGSA service browser (GUI)

    • Grid Resource Allocation Manager (GRAM)

  • UCL projects


      • Remote job executing

    • E-protein (UK E-Science)

      • Genome Structure based annotation

    • Material Simulation (EPSRC)

      • Modelling Aspirin molecule

    • Multimedia gateway in development

6net Workshop

Efforts so far
Efforts so far

  • Reasonable success on GT3 alpha

    • Minimum modification

    • Core, Web-container, GUI, GRAM working with IPv6 hostnames and addresses

  • Partial success on GT3.0.2

    • Minimum modification

    • Core, Web-container, GUI working with IPv6 hostnames and addresses

    • GRAM is hold by Java IPv6 reverse lookup bug

  • Our “How-to IPv6 in GT3” has become one of the Globus technical reference documents

  • Help Globus org modify their official Code

6net Workshop

Latest update
Latest Update

  • Make GT3 working with Java 1.5

    • JDK 1.5 has already fixed IPv6-reverse lookup bug

    • Conflicts: ‘Qname is null’ & ‘no such algorithm: MD5/RSA ’

    • Reported and has been fixed in cvs

  • Using the latest CVS

    • Core, Web-container, GUI and GRAM working with IPv6 hostnames and addresses

    • ?Pure IPv6 communication?

6net Workshop

Further grid experiments
Further Grid Experiments

  • Operate with a variety of services over IPv6

  • Investigate Transition/coexistence services

  • Track ongoing Globus changes

  • Mobility support in Grid based on the Mobile IPv6

  • Run IPv6-enabled Globus over VPNs

6net Workshop

Ipv6 links
IPv6 Links






    • General patch repositories

    • Current available IPv6 APP

6net Workshop