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REACH State of Play & Cefic activities REACH Workshop , Prague , 5 .10.2006 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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REACH State of Play & Cefic activities REACH Workshop , Prague , 5 .10.2006. Dr. Thomas Jostmann. Talking points. Actual state of play in the political process REACH implementation Commission / MS activities Industry / Cefic activities Service providers

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REACH State of Play & Cefic activities REACH Workshop , Prague , 5 .10.2006

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Presentation Transcript

REACH State of Play & Cefic activities

REACH Workshop, Prague, 5.10.2006

Dr. Thomas Jostmann

Talking points

  • Actual state of play in the political process

  • REACH implementation

    • Commission / MS activities

    • Industry / Cefic activities

    • Service providers

  • How to get prepared for REACH

Prague conference


Council political agreement

DEC 2005

COM proposal 29 October 2003

Council Common Position

May/June 2006

EP first reading

NOV 2005

Communication from the COM on common position

EP second reading

(absolute majority)

(3 + 1 months)

EP proposes amendments to Council common position

Commission’s opinion on EPs amendments

Second reading by the Council

3 + 1 months

Council does not approve the amendments to the common position


6 + 2 weeks

REACH comes into force: mid 2007

5 Key Priorities of Cefic

  • Additional topics under discussion which created already some turbulences but will not be picked up by Cefic’s advocacy:

  • Imported polymers

  • Fee structure (free-ride for SME in small tonnage band)

Position of the main actors in the debate (1)

  • General rule for the European Parliament:

  • Only those amendments can be re-tabled in the second reading of

    the EP which have been adopted during the first reading!

  • Compromise amendments jointly supported by several political

    groups can be introduced as new amendments

  • Sacconi:

  • Re-tabled his amendments on authorization, duty of care,

    animal testing and CSA obligation for substances > 1 t/a


  • No compromise found with SPE, therefore re-tabling of all

    amendments supported in the first plenary vote

  • In total roughly 300 AM have now been re-tabled

Prague conference

State of play

So far, no agreement in sight between EPP and PES

Sacconi – Oomen discussions deadlocked

  • Possible scenario

  • Sacconi keeps hard line till the vote in ENVI, then seekscompromise with Council

  • (Co-legislators want to avoid conciliation)

  • In plenary

    • Sacconi must get a majority (367 MEPs),

    • If no compromise possible, EPP retables all AMs

    • EPP could constitute blocking minority

    • Risk of split in EPP (260)?

    • What about PES (200), ALDE (88), UEN (27), IND/DEM (33)?

Prague conference

Position of the main actors in the debate (2)

  • European Council:

  • Presidency did not signal any willingness so far to the EP to

    discuss compromises on the common position  creates some

    resistance in EP

  • Has unofficially approached MS representatives to evaluate

    various features of the common position

    • Duty of care,

    • Animal testing,

    • The Agency and the involvement of the EP,

    • Communication of Information,

    • Small and Medium sized Enterprises,

    • Other amendments.

  • Aims at facilitating a discussion that seeks solutions on these issues before the vote in the EP Environment Committee, scheduled for 10 October.

Prague conference

Council Finnish Presidency – next steps

  • Presidency considers these issues as “potentially less controversial” and tries is to seek solutions in the 2nd reading at an early stage thereby allowing more time for negotiations on more critical issues later in the process, i.e. between the vote of the Environment Committee and the European Parliament's Plenary Session.

  • Presidency considers Council's Common Position on registration and authorisation as well balanced.

  • “There will be little or no room for manoeuvre for the Council in these areas”

  • “At the end of the process a package solution (including registration, authorisation and other elements) has to be found between the Parliament and the Council. This means that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”

Authorization can become critical for more than 3.000 substances


Periodic review


Chemicals of High Concern

Chemicals of

High Concern

Time limited (5 yrs)

Safe use

No safe use or

no threshold limit

No substitute


Use substitute



under adequate


Safe use

No safe use or no threshold limit


No substitute

Use substitute


No benefits


No benefits




use controls





under adequate


No authorisation



EP second reading 2006 - Timetable

Prague conference

Cefic’s key advocacy activities

  • 1. Targeted advocacy interventions as only few people from the EP, Council and Commission are involved – Avoid massive over lobbying.

  •  EP: - Meetings with key MEPs

  •  Council: - Meetings held with Austrian Presidency and Secretariat

  • - Finnish presidency (2nd half 06) planned

  • - German presidency (1st half 07) likely to adopt REACH

  •  Commission: - Regular contact with the relevant Commission services

  • 2. Alliances and dialogue with other interest groups

    Close co-operation with Downstream Users & with UNICE, especially on authorisation

     Dialogue with EMCEF and other trade unions in downstream industries

Prague conference

Talking points

  • Actual state of play in the political process

  • REACH implementation

    • Commission / MS activities

    • Industry / Cefic activities

    • Service providers

  • How to get prepared for REACH

Prague conference

Guidance to help industry and authorities will not be ready in due time

  • RIP projects are partly delayed and will not be ready before


  • Guidance will be not easy to apply and needs some

    navigation tools to be applicable

  • Level of preparedness at MS level varies tremendously

  • IT tool to submit pre-registration dossier to ECA will be

    delayed and reduce effective time to submit dossier by

    12 months

  • Beta version of IUCLID V is now available

  • MS and Agency help desk are actually under development

  • Industry resources running short in RIP projects

Prague conference

Industry engagement in RIPs is pivotal for achieving practical guidance

  • Cefic is participating in the RIP projects of the Commission by

  • Representing industry positions in major parts of RIP 3

    and RIP 4 via nominated representatives for the SEGs

    (stakeholder expert groups).

  • Active participation in RIP 2 (REACH IT)

  • Leading role in „consortium“ on RIP 3.2.2 – task 4

    (exposure scenario & risk management measures for


  • Leading role in „partnership“ on RIP 3.3.2 (data

    requirements & endpoints)

  • Partner in tender for RIP 3.4 (industry cooperation/


Prague conference

Timetable RIP projects

Prague conference

Although guidance is not yet finalized there are already many offers to help!

  • REACH services seems to be a huge market attracting a lot

    of commercial service providers with different expertise

    and service offerings

    • no accreditation scheme foreseen at EU level

    • no quality check available

    • usefulness needs to be assessed by the client himself

  • network of trade associations establishing a coherent

    platform to provide necessary support for companies

Prague conference

National Associations

Front line help desk

National language

Link to MSCAs

Tools and guidance


Consortia management and registration service

Provision of standard tools/formats

Consistency “custodian”

Training of other service providers

Help desk (for smaller MSs, non-EU companies, affiliated organisations)

A natural logical split

Prague conference

Creation of ReachCentrum

  • ReachCentrum is being established as an independent service body, which will be part of consistent service network provided by Cefic, national associations and Member State authorities

  • Clear distinction between regular trade association offering (covered by regular membership fee) and tailor-made services to companies (invoiced separately)

  • Potential customers include members, companies throughout the value chain, and non-EU chemical manufacturers

Prague conference

Want to learn more?

  • Welcome to

Help desk – advice and guidance on how to prepare for REACH

Consortia management

Registration service

Submission of authorisation applications

Archiving and data management



Tailor-made to your company’s needs

Talking points

  • Actual state of play in the political process

  • REACH implementation

    • Commission / MS activities

    • Industry / Cefic activities

    • Service providers

  • How to get prepared for REACH

Prague conference

Industry Preparations

  • REACH Industry preparation letter n°4 issued

    • Interest from Companies and Federations

    • Positive feedback

      3 rd REACH awareness workshop on 20. September with more than 120 participants

      1 st REACH IT workshop on 21. September on support tools (e.g. IUCLID V)

Prague conference

Recommendations to companies:

REACH will be with us from mid 2007 onwards – you better get prepared!

  • List of all substances produced and used in the manufacturing of substances (incl. critical auxiliaries)

  • Which substances need to be pre-registered (phase-in status)?

  • Any intermediates / polymers which need notification?

  • Any imported preparation containing substances which need to

    be registered?

  • List of suppliers (substance identification (CAS/EINECS,


    Next steps:

  • Potential SIEF / consortia partners

  • Cost calculation for registration efforts

  • Use & exposure information available?

  • Substances falling under authorization?

Prague conference

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