Tiered Response to Criminal Networks

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Project 1:Development of Protocols. Project 4:Tiered Operational Response Model. Cabinet Review Office. Home Office. OCPB. Project 2:RIM . Project 3:OCG Mapping. Project 5:Coordination of Multi Agency Operational Response. Project 6:Multi-Agency Task Force Pilot. Project 7:OCG Investigation

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Tiered Response to Criminal Networks

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1. Tiered Response to Criminal Networks Organised Crime Project Board Project 4

3. Tiered Response Not an assessment of risk or criminal propensity Framework for enabling and facilitating appropriate action against organised criminals at any level OCN often do not conform to NIM The tiered response is an alternative way of describing action.

4. Tiered Response Purpose is to ensure that every OCN member has some action taken against them Gateway for activity against low level OCN members by Neighbourhood teams and partner agencies Action against serious and organised criminals is not just the preserve of S+OC teams…use every available asset and tactic Intrinsic to Tiered response..the Manual of tactics

5. Tiered response Simple response,single strand, single agency Complex, multiple strand, single agency Complex, multiple strand, multiple agency. Exceptionally complex, multiple strand, multiple agency

9. Planned process

10. CDRP function Local members of Criminal networks Priority and prolific Offenders Emerging criminals Challenging families ?

11. Next issues-links to Proj 3/5 Governance escalation from local to national and vice versa Co-ordination of competing OCGs De confliction Joined up Public service –challenged families—Theory of everything The manual

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