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Week 1
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Week 1. Accouterments (n). Assail (v.). Citadel (n.). Corrugated (adj.). Declivity (n.). Demure (adj.). Destitute (adj.). Docile (adj.). Effluvium (n.). Emulsion (n.). Week 2. Fallow (adj.). Fatuous (adj.). Feral (adj.). Fetid (adj.). Goad (v.). Imperious (adj.).

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Week 1

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Presentation Transcript

Week 1

Week 1

Accouterments n

Accouterments (n)

Assail v

Assail (v.)

Citadel n

Citadel (n.)

Corrugated adj

Corrugated (adj.)

Declivity n

Declivity (n.)

Demure adj

Demure (adj.)

Destitute adj

Destitute (adj.)

Docile adj

Docile (adj.)

Effluvium n

Effluvium (n.)

Emulsion n

Emulsion (n.)

Week 2

Week 2

Fallow adj

Fallow (adj.)

Fatuous adj

Fatuous (adj.)

Feral adj

Feral (adj.)

Fetid adj

Fetid (adj.)

Goad v

Goad (v.)

Imperious adj

Imperious (adj.)

Imperturbable adj

Imperturbable (adj.)

Lecherous adj

Lecherous (adj.)

Lithe adj

Lithe (adj.)

Lucent adj

Lucent (adj.)

Rakish adj

Rakish (adj.)

Week 3

Week 3

Dissipate v

Dissipate (v.)

Gaunt adj

Gaunt (adj.)

Pall n

Pall (n.)

Paradox n

Paradox (n.)

Nebulous adj

Nebulous (adj.)

Ostracize v

Ostracize (v.)

Penitent adj

Penitent (adj.)

Pinnacle n

Pinnacle (n.)

Piqued v

Piqued (v.)

Putrescent adj

Putrescent (adj.)

Prostrate v

Prostrate (v.)

Week 4

Week 4

Rivulet n

Rivulet (n.)

Slavish adj

Slavish (adj.)

Specter n

Specter (n.)

Suffice v

Suffice (v.)

Tepid adj

Tepid (adj.)

Timbre n

Timbre (n.)

Titular adj

Titular (adj.)

Tributary n

Tributary (n.)

Truculent adj

Truculent (adj.)

Vagrant n

Vagrant (n.)

Zenith n

Zenith (n.)

Week 5

Week 5

Abyss n

Abyss (n.)

Acme n

Acme (n.)

Alacrity n

Alacrity (n.)

Allay v

Allay (v.)

Amiable adj

Amiable (adj.)

Anecdote n

Anecdote (n.)

Ardor n

Ardor (n.)

Asunder adv

Asunder (adv.)

Bourgeois n

Bourgeois (n.)

Bequeath v

Bequeath (v.)

Caprice n

Caprice (n.)

Week 6

Week 6

Coercion n

coercion (n.)

Commiserate v

commiserate (v.)

Commodious adj

commodious (adj.)

Congenial adj

congenial (adj.)

Consternation n

consternation (n.)

Coquette n

coquette (n.)

Deprecate v

deprecate (v.)

Despondent n

despondent (n.)

Desultory adj

desultory (adj.)

Diminutive adj

diminutive (adj.)

Week 7

Week 7

Donned v

Donned (v.)

Droll adj

Droll (adj.)

Efface v

Efface (v.)

Effulgence n

Effulgence (n.)

Effrontery n

Effrontery (n.)

Effusive adj

Effusive (adj.)

Emphatic adj

Emphatic (adj.)

Enamored adj

Enamored (adj.)

Encumbrance n

Encumbrance (n.)

Ennui n

Ennui (n.)

Week 8

Week 8

Evince v

Evince (v.)

Expostulate v

Expostulate (v.)

Extraneous adj

Extraneous (adj.)

Exuberance n

Exuberance (n.)

Exultation n

Exultation (n.)

Fastidious adj

Fastidious (adj.)

Filial adj

Filial (adj.)

Flippancy n

Flippancy (n.)

Folly n

Folly (n.)

Futility n

Futility (n.)

Week 9

Week 9

Anomaly n

Anomaly (n.)

Glib adj

Glib (adj.)

I’m sorry.

Harrowing adj

Harrowing (adj.)

Hoard v

Hoard (v.)

Impervious adj

Impervious (adj.)

Impetuous adj

Impetuous (adj.)

Implicit adj

Implicit (adj.)

Implore v

Implore (v.)

Imp n

Imp (n.)

I wonder how much


I can get in today?!

Incessant adj

Incessant (adj.)

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