do now monday september 9 th
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Do Now – Monday, September 9 th

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Do Now – Monday, September 9 th - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Do Now – Monday, September 9 th. Inspirational History. September 9, 1776 – Congress renames the nation “United States of America”. “ Ozymandias ”. Rowmasters , please pass out the “ Ozymandias ” poem down the rows Read the poem silently In your notebooks, consider the following:

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inspirational history
Inspirational History
  • September 9, 1776 – Congress renames the nation “United States of America”
  • Rowmasters, please pass out the “Ozymandias” poem down the rows
  • Read the poem silently
  • In your notebooks, consider the following:
  • What adjectives describe the land?
  • What adjectives describe the statue?
  • Write 1 to 2 paragraphs: Do you think the author considers Ramses II, Ozymandias, a great builder? What are his opinions of Ramses II and his monuments?
surviving the sahara
“Surviving the Sahara…”
  • Students will be broken down into groups
  • Each group will receive a copy of the reading “Surviving the Sahara”
  • Each student will be assigned a letter in the class A – U
  • In your groups, you will read your assigned sections and:
    • 1) Create a visual representation of your reading (part or whole) on the paper provided
    • 2) In the upper right corner provide a 2 sentence summary of the dangers experienced
    • 3) In the lower right corner define any words from your section
  • As a group, each student’s assigned letter must somehow connect to their group’s (how you do so is entirely and creatively up to you)
what was the author s experience surviving the sahara
What was the author’s experience “surviving the Sahara?”
  • Each group will stand up and present their readings to the class
venn diagram egypt kush
Venn Diagram – Egypt & Kush
  • Students will create a Venn Diagram in their notebooks
  • Students will work in pairs to read pages 89 to 94 and complete the Venn Diagram – identifying the main characteristics of each as well as those characteristics that are shared by both
  • An example is on the next slide
egypt nubia kush
Egypt & Nubia (Kush)


Kush (Nubia)


Use pages 89 to 94 in your textbooks

reteaching skills egyptians and nubians
Reteaching Skills – Egyptians and Nubians
  • Rowmasters…please silently pass out the reteaching skills sheet “Egyptians and Nubians”
  • Read pages 89 to 94, to complete the activity
  • Please pass back the “Surviving the Sahara” handout down to the rowmasters and put back into the folders
  • Please pass back the “Ozymandias” handout and return back into the folder
exit ticket
Exit Ticket
  • In what ways did the kingdom of Kush (Nubia) exhibit the traits of an advanced civilization?

(Yes, yes I know your Exit Ticket says “…and Mali.” Focus on Kush/Nubia…relax