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Ben franklin day bettering myself
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BEN FRANKLIN DAY Bettering Myself. Open your textbooks. To page 166. On a piece of paper do the following different tasks :. #1.

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BEN FRANKLIN DAY Bettering Myself

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Ben franklin day bettering myself


Open your textbooks

Open your textbooks

  • To page 166

Ben franklin day bettering myself

On a piece of paper do the following different tasks:

Ben franklin day bettering myself


  • Ben Franklin wanted to make himself morally perfect and so he came up with 13 virtues he wanted to have. Think of two virtuous traits you want to have and write them down. Next to each, write down practical ways that you could implement these traits (virtues) in your life.

  • Example:

    • Patience – When driving remember that driving like a maniac will maybe get me to my destination only 5 minutes earlier at most, so just relax and enjoy the scenery.

Ben franklin day bettering myself


  • Write down 2 goals you want to accomplish by the end of your junior year.  They can be personal, academic, social, work-related, familial, etc.  After each write 2 things you will need to implement in your life - or begin doing in  order to meet each one of your particular goals.

Ben franklin day bettering myself


Make a 24 hour schedule from midnight until midnight and state what you would do in your ideal, perfect schedule.  You must keep 4 hours of education in your schedule, but can determine during what hours you learn.  What would you do in your day to be the most productive and to be the best person you can be?

Ben franklin day bettering myself


  • Read Franklin's aphorisms on page 172 in the text book under your chair.  Select which one you think is the most true and explain why.  After reading them, create three of your own true, short sayings about the following three things:

  • a) School                 

  •   B) Parents              

  • C) Boy / Girl Relationships. 

    KEEP IT PG-13

Ben franklin day bettering myself


  • Read Ben Franklin’s epitaph (see attached)

  • Write your own extended simile about yourself. You should compare yourself to something that reflects a characteristic or trait that you enjoy. Example – Ben Franklin was a printer and compared himself to a book. If you are a dancer, you could compare yourself to a ballet slipper or something like that. Follow his model almost exactly. My example is on the next page.

Ben franklin day bettering myself

The Body of

J. Young,


(Like the photo album of an adventure taken,

Its pictures vibrant and exciting,

Telling a story of passion and intensity,)

Lies here, to disintegrate with time.

But the journey shall not be only memories:

For it will, as she believed, have more documentation,

With a new digital photo album

The pages and pictures limitless and endless

By the master photographer.

She was born Dec. 4, 1974. (feel free to write this down)

Died 20__

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