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Welcome !. 江苏泰兴职业教育中心校. 讲课人:孙 敏. Step 1: Free Talk. Step 2: Say Something about Jay Chou. Step 3: Review some phrases. Step 4: Explain the text with som questions. Step 4: Retell the text. Step 5: Finish some exercises. Step 6: Homework. Jay Chou, a quiet boy with a big talent.

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Welcome !

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Welcome !


讲课人:孙 敏

Step 1: Free Talk.Step 2: Say Something about Jay Chou.Step 3: Review some phrases.Step 4: Explain the text with som questions.Step 4: Retell the text.Step 5: Finish some exercises.Step 6: Homework.

  • Jay Chou, a quiet boy with a big talent

1.Do you know who the man is ?

His Chinese name is Zhou Jielun.

His English name is Jay Chou.

2. Have you ever listened to Jay Chou’s music?

3. Do you like his music?

Is there any special in his music?

  • Please listen to a song of Jay Chou.

  • soulful Voice

  • fast rhythm

  • Unique style

Do you know anything about him?

  • His Birthday is :

  • His Birthplace:

  • His hobby:

  • His parents:

  • January 18, 1979

  • Taiwan Linkou

  • music, basket

  • get divorced

Some useful phrases in the passage

  • 1.keep on doing

  • 2. be absorbed in doing sth.

  • 3. jot down

  • 4. the entertainment industry

  • 5. at the very beginning

  • 6. behind the scenes

  • 7. on stage

  • 8. household name

Jay Zhou, a quiet boy with big talent

  • Para1:

    He is quiet and shy, He likes to hides his eyes behind his hair. He doesn’t smile very often. However, if you talk to him about music, he’ll have a lot to say.

  • Can you tell me what his character is ?

  • Quiet and shy

  • Please guess why he doesn’t smile very often ?

Para 2:

This is Jay Chou, the Taiwanese pop king. He was born in Linkou, Taiwan, on January 18, 1978. His mother noticed his special interest in music and sent him to learn piano when he was only three years old. He loved it and kept on practicing.

  • How old was he when he learned piano?

  • Three years old

  • Did he love piano? Why?

  • Yes, because he kept on playing piano all the time.

  • Why can he make great success in his career?

Pair Work: Talent and effort

Para 3:

When he was around 13years old, Jay’s parents got divorced. From that time on, the quiet boy became even quieter and more absorbed in his own music world. Whenever any musical ideas came to mind, he would jot them down. Before long, he was writing his own songs. Besides music basketball was his favorite and he often played basketball with friends.

  • be absorbed in : 集中注意力

  • Jot down: 写下…

  • He is absorbed in his study

  • They jot down their names.

  • What happened when he was about 13years old?Do you think this thing influenced him greatly? Why?

His parents got divorced . Yes, because he became even quiet and more

absorbed in his own music.

Para 4:

IN 1998, Jay entered the entertainment industry as a songwriter, but his songs were not well accepted at the very beginning. Who was Jay Chou? No one really knew much about him, After working behind the scenes for quiet some time, he was discovered by Jacky Wu both as a talented songwriter and a singer. So, on Novermber1, 2000, he had his first important performance on stage. His soulful voice and unique musical style have won him fame and fans. Very soon “Jay Chou” became a household name, especially among the teenagers.

  • What happened in 1998?

  • What happened in 2000?

  • Who discovered him.

  • He entered the entertainment industry as a songwriter.

  • He had his first important performance on stage,

Jacky Wu

Please retell the passage according to some key words

  • Para 1: quiet and shy, hide his eye , not smile, talk about music

  • Para 2: pop king, born in …, his mother notice his interest, learn piano,when, 3, practice

  • Para 3: when, 13, his parents, divorce, quieter, more absorbed in music, musical ideas, jot down,besides music, basketball

  • Para 4: in 1998, enter the entertainment industry,behinds the scenes, discovered by Jacky Wu, On 2000, his first performance, household name.

Decide whether the following statements are true or false

  • ( )1. Jay Chou grew up in a single-parent family.

  • ( )2. Jay Chou was a top student when he was at school.

  • ( )3. Jay Chou’s mother forced him to learn piano when he was only three years old.

  • ( )4. Jay Chou had been a famous songwriter by 1998

  • ( )5.Jay Chou’s musical style is quite different from others.







  • Debating:

  • 甲方:Talent is the most important to success

  • 乙方: Effort is the most important to success.

Thank you !

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