Iopas september 2012
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IOPAS (September 2012) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IOPAS (September 2012). Rundown. Recap and Preview IOPAS 3 key components (Break ~ 3:15 to 3:30 pm) OP applications e-workflow OP payment Way forward. Integrated OP Administration System (IOPAS). Overview

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IOPAS (September 2012)

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Iopas september 2012

IOPAS (September 2012)



  • Recap and Preview

  • IOPAS 3 key components

    (Break ~ 3:15 to 3:30 pm)

  • OP applications e-workflow

    OP payment

  • Way forward

Integrated op administration system iopas

Integrated OP Administration System (IOPAS)


  • OP: CUHK remunerative service (RS); general OP (GOP) (for outside clients) & private clinical practice

  • RS (accounts for 80% of OP): Self-financed Programmes (SFP), research contracts, other projects/initiatives



Current Workflow and Pain Points

  • Administration of RS: (for payment; not management; heavily paper-based)

  • Approving authority has to confirm approval against individual applications before the vetting process

  • High volume of cases, inadequate or missing information increase turnaround time and delay payment

  • Summary/statistical reports not readily available

Iopas 1st phase remunerative service for cuhk

IOPAS (1st phase) – Remunerative Service for CUHK

Major Features

  • Application on programme/project (P/P) basis (instead of individual appointee)

  • Workflow: Data captured at source by P/P; PO and BUR to vet before approval by Approving Authority (AA) & finally for payment

  • OP allocation record recommended byCorruption Prevention Dept of ICAC

Iopas 1st phase remunerative service for cuhk1

IOPAS (1st phase) – Remunerative Service for CUHK

  • Manage OP initiatives at source:

    • P/P account profile, i.e. What (final outcome)? early plans; key factors affecting OP

    • OP allocation, i.e. who? Confirm suitability

    • (SFP) programme administration services, i.e. what are the payable services, the extent and at what rates

  • Enquiry, summary/statistical reports

Iopas 1st phase remunerative service for cuhk2

IOPAS (1st phase) – Remunerative Service for CUHK

Iopas e workflow

IOPAS - E-workflow

Iopas deans role aa

IOPAS - Deans’ Role (AA)

  • Consider/approve

    • view P/P account profile

    • OP allocation records (OAR)

    • Programme Administrative Services (PAS)

    • OP applications (OPA)

    • subsequent amendment and cancellation of OPA

  • IOPAS support

    • OVERVIEW function

    • OPA by 2 CATEGORIES (straight forward cases and those requiring attention)

    • PRINT function

    • HELP functions

    • DELEGATION function

    • Enquiry, summary/statistical reports

Iopas user involvement communication

IOPAS – User involvement & communication

  • Beta version ready to enhance user communication

  • Communication with Approving Authorities

  • Focus group sharing (Sept 2012)

  • Pilot user programmes feedback after trial run


Iopas how to manage the change process

IOPAS -How to manage the change process?

  • Pilot programme to trial run the new work flow before the roll-out of the system

    • P/P profile (new)

    • Outside Practice allocation record (new)

    • Programme Administrative Service form (existing)

    • Submit OP applications in batch

  • Conduct training sessions

  • HELP functions

  • Support from central OP administrators

  • Launching RS module in Jan 2013

  • Launching GOP module in July 2013

Iopas advantages

IOPAS - Advantages

  • Facilitate better planning and management of OP activities

  • Improve accuracy of OP data before passing to various parties

  • E-workflow & corresponding E-alerts to stakeholders

  • Automated/Instant compliance check on major OP rules

  • Improved transparency on the progress of OP applications & more timely release of OP payment

  • Enquiry and reporting functions

  • Minimized paper flow, lessen burden on physical storage space & the University’s internal mailing system

Op news

OP News

Bursar’s circular (September 11, 2012)

“Financial arrangements for voluntary OP”

Voluntary OP

Standardization of time units for taught SFP (1- unit course = 14 payable OP hours)

ICAC officers will co-organize a seminar on OP


P p account profile

P/P Account Profile

Please refer to attachment 1

Please refer to Attachment 1

Iopas september 2012





Pas form

PAS Form

Please refer to attachment 3

Please refer to Attachment 3

Iopas september 2012

PAS Form




Op allocation record

OP Allocation Record

Op allocation record1

OP Allocation Record

  • CPD/ICAC Assignment No. 14/2009

  • Recommendation & AAPC acceptance

  • The gist: Formalize the allocation mechanism for assignment of OP, which should as far as practicable provide for the invitation of eligible teachers to indicate interest, who will have the chance to present themselves for consideration

  • How

Please refer to attachment 2

Please refer to Attachment 2

Iopas september 2012

OAR (1)




Iopas september 2012

OAR (2)




Preparing op applications

Preparing OP Applications

Please refer to attachment 4

Please refer to Attachment 4

Demo of iopas e workflow

Demo of IOPAS e-workflow

Iopas september 2012

Submission of OP Application



Iopas september 2012

Compliance Test



Iopas september 2012

Resolve non-compliance (1)



Iopas september 2012

Resolve non-compliance (2)



Iopas september 2012

PO – Vet OP Application



Iopas september 2012

Budget Holder/Bursary – Endorse/Vet OP Budget



Iopas september 2012

Faculty Deans/Supervising Officers – Approve OAR/PAS Form/OP Application (1)



Iopas september 2012

Faculty Deans/Supervising Officers – Approve OAR/PAS Form/OP Application (2)



Iopas september 2012

Payment Plan



Recap iopas e workflow

Recap IOPAS e-workflow

  • (P/P) Prepare and submit Profile/OAR/PAS

  • (P/P) Prepare and submit OPA (applications)

  • (IOPAS) Compliance check

  • (P/P) Resolve non-compliance

  • (PO) Vetting

  • (Budget holder/BUR) Confirm budget

  • (Approval) Faculty Deans/Supervising Officers

  • (P/P) Prepare payment plan

  • (BUR) Arrange payment

Op payment

OP Payment

Payment Plan

Payment Arrangement

Monthly Payment

Payment plan

Payment Plan

Upon commencement of OP, directly input Payment Plan (PP) to IOPAS

Payment frequency

- Monthly

- Lump-sum end

- Custom

Payment plan1

Payment Plan

Payment plan2

Payment Plan

Calculation on monthly payment

- For teaching

No. of OP hours in the month times hourly rate

e.g. Conduct lecture from 3 Sep to 7 Dec on every Friday

= 4 sessions in Sept, 4 sessions in Oct,

5 sessions in Nov and 1 session in Dec

- For others

Pro-rata monthly amount for incomplete month

- start date on or before 14th →count 1 month

- start date between 15th and 28th→count 0.5 month

- end date on or before 14th →count 0.5 month

- end date after 14th →count 1 month

e.g. 17 Sep to 9 Nov

= 0.5 month on Sep, 1 month on Oct

and 0.5 month on Nov


Payment arrangement

Payment Arrangement

Enquire details of payment according to PP

Display payment status

Final payment is not automatically released

“ Declare Completion “

Reminder email on outstanding declaration

Payment arrangement1

Payment Arrangement

Monthly payment

Monthly Payment

Monthly cut-off to effect OP payment via payroll

Reminder email on outstanding submission

Notification email to OP appointees

Pilot run pilot programmes

Pilot Run Pilot Programmes

Pilot programmes

Pilot Programmes

  • Fill in Profile, OP allocation recommendation, PAS Form*

  • Participate in early experience sessions for user input

  • Feedback to program development

  • Liaise closely with IOPAS working group

  • Share experience with other users idc

Way forward

Way Forward

Production timeline

Remunerative Service

Oct 2012 – early experience sessions for pilot programmes

Jan 2013 – production for all programmes/projects

General OP

July 2013 – production run

Way forward1

Way Forward

  • Collect requirements on Reporting and Enquiry functions

  • Conduct User Trainings

  • Provide Production Support (business + system)

    • Enquiries - PO/PSU/BUR/ITSC

    • System Help – on-line demo + static text help

  • Conduct Post Implementation Review to collect fine-tuning requirements

Iopas september 2012

Thank you

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