Specialization of cerebral hemisphere and plasticity
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Specialization of Cerebral Hemisphere and Plasticity PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Specialization of Cerebral Hemisphere and Plasticity. By: Chase Bartlett, Brittanie Butler, Bryan King, Beau Collett. The Two Halves of the Brain.

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Specialization of Cerebral Hemisphere and Plasticity

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Specialization of Cerebral Hemisphere and Plasticity

By: Chase Bartlett, Brittanie Butler, Bryan King, Beau Collett

The Two Halves of the Brain

  • The two halves of the human brain do not function in the same way. Instead the two halves have their own separate methods of function. For instance, the right half of the human brain does not necessarily process language sounds as well as the left hemisphere, but the left hemisphere recognizes faces much better than the right side. There are many different variations from the left to the right side of the brain.

The Right Half

  • While both halves are involved in vision, hearing, memory, language, and spatial ability, the right half specializes in things like Geometric patterns, music, nonverbal memories, tone of speech and sense of direction.

The Left Half

  • The left half of the human brain is just as important as the right half as it controls our comprehension of things like words, letters, language sounds, verbal memory, speech and reading

Broca’s and Wernicke’s Area

  • Located on the left side of the brain, and on the frontal lobe, Broca’s area has a great deal to do with our comprehension of the spoken language.

  • In contrast, Wernicke’s Area has to do with the sense of our words. For example, somebody with damage to Wernicke’s Area could speak quickly and easily but their words sometimes make no sense.

Karl Wernicke

PlasticityThe Malleable Brain

  • Plasticity is the ability of the brain to change over time in response to changing variables. Functional plasticity is when a certain area of the human brain is damaged or loses function and the other parts of the brain start performing the functions of the damaged part of the brain to make up for it.

The Brain Is Never As Malleable As It Is In The Early Years

Your Brain and Your Personality

  • Aside from its tangible functions, the left and right side of the brain also distinguish personality characteristics. One can also be predetermined to be either right or left brain dominant. The dominance of a persons brain can have an apparent affect on not only their personality but also on their habits.

Personalities and Cerebral Hemispheres

  • Left Brain People

    • More logical and rational

    • Analytical

    • Objective

    • Look at parts instead of the whole

  • Right Brain People

    • Random intuitive (gut feeling)

    • Holistic Synthesizing

    • Subjective

    • Looks at wholes instead of the parts


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