Media and Politics

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Media and Politics. First Amendment ProtectionTypes of MediaOwnershipHabits of Consumers"InfluenceHow Much?Negative or Positive?. First Amendment Protection. Freedom of the PressInformed citizenryPublic deliberationBasic rulesStrict scrutinyNo prior restraintProtection of sourcesRespo

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Media and Politics

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1. Media and Politics Too Much Influence??

2. Media and Politics First Amendment Protection Types of Media Ownership Habits of “Consumers” Influence How Much? Negative or Positive?

3. First Amendment Protection Freedom of the Press Informed citizenry Public deliberation Basic rules Strict scrutiny No prior restraint Protection of sources “Responsible” press

4. Major Media Outlets Newspapers – “freest” of free press Radio Television Broadcast Cable Satellite Internet – difficulties of regulating

5. Habits of Consumers Increasing importance of Internet as “source” of news Sources changing and habits changing Grazing vs. focused engagement with news

6. TV = dominant source of news Changes in media ownership and government regulation Have combined to produce a media system in which Power is concentrated in just a handful of enormous corporations.

7. Media Ownership ABC – Disney CBS – Westinghouse, merged with Viacom – owner of MTV & Paramount NBC – GE Fox – Murdoch CNN – Time Warner

8. FCC Media Ownership Rules Further relaxation proposed – June 3, 2002 Sept. 3, 2003 – Federal Appeals Court issued a “stay” preventing the FCC from implementing the new rules

9. Media Bias Exists – unavoidable? Journalists & Reporters – more liberal Editors – mixed Owners – more conservative Varies by media and ownership Print – range TV – tends more liberal Radio – tends more conservative

10. Politicians and Media Held accountable Openness Responsiveness Manipulate Timing of announcements Background News as Entertainment Politics as spectator sport

11. Influence of Media Agenda Setting Declare issue an issue Force politicians to respond Tell us what to think about Framing Influence our interpretation Compete with politicians Priming Prepare public to view issue, event or person a certain way Declaration of “momentum”

12. Too Much Influence?? Need to be “critical” consumers and “skeptical” citizens

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