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Essential Questions

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Essential Questions. What is an Essential Question?. Questions that require you to make a decision or plan a course of action . (Evaluation-highest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.) Questions that probe for deeper meaning and set the stage for further questioning.

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what is an essential question
What is an Essential Question?
  • Questions that require you to make a decision or plan a course of action. (Evaluation-highest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.)
  • Questions that probe for deeper meaning and set the stage for further questioning.
  • Questions that foster the development of critical thinking skills and higher order capabilities such as problem-solving and understanding complex systems.
  • A good essential question is the principle component of designing inquiry-based learning.
  • "What is" questions
  • "What is AIDS”
  • "What is acid rain”
  • While these are important questions, they do not require that you make a decision or plan a course of action.
  • Ask, "How can I reduce the likelihood of contracting AIDS?" (this requires a plan of action).
  • "What is the best strategy for reducing the impact of acid rain in the United States?" (this requires a decision among the various strategies).
essential question samples
Essential Question Samples
  • Isit acceptable to clone humans?
  • Should animals be genetically altered to produce human proteins?
  • Should the remaining cultures of smallpox be destroyed?
  • What are the most effective steps for preventing breast cancer?
  • How can bananas be genetically altered show that they vaccinate the consumer against viral diseases?
  • Should the HIV virus be modified for use in gene therapy?
a supporting question is
A Supporting question is:
  • One whose answer provides the facts used to answer the essential question
essential versus supporting
Essential Versus Supporting
  • "Should wetlands in the United States be preserved? (remember: essential questions require that you ask a decision-making or action plan question, this is an example of a decision-making question).
  • Here are supporting questions relating to the wetlands essential question:
    • What is a wetland?
    • What are the reasons for saving wetlands?
    • Why are wetlands being destroyed?
    • Who is destroying wetlands?
    • How many of acres of wetlands exist in the United States?
    • At what rate are wetlands being destroyed?
    • What are the best methods for saving wetlands?
activities to support essential questions about wetlands
Activities to Support Essential Questions about Wetlands
  • Persuasive Argument for whether the wetlands should be saved.
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Publisher Brochure
    • Inspiration Web
    • Microsoft Word Document with Pictures
  • Each format should have evidence of all supporting questions.
how do i know they learned the supporting facts
How do I know they learned the Supporting Facts?
  • Check for accuracy in presentation
  • Did they persuade you?
  • Self assessment
  • Create an assessment
  • Test
more information
More Information….