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Journal Entry 15 Good Enough: 11/16/10 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Journal Entry 15 Good Enough: 11/16/10. Listen to the song and follow along with the lyrics Read the passages that are underlined, what do you think the artist means by it? Highlight or underline a passage that resonates (why it’s important to you) with you, and explain why you chose it.

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Journal Entry 15 Good Enough: 11/16/10

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Journal Entry 15Good Enough: 11/16/10

  • Listen to the song and follow along with the lyrics

  • Read the passages that are underlined, what do you think the artist means by it?

  • Highlight or underline a passage that resonates (why it’s important to you) with you, and explain why you chose it.

Journal Entry 14Relationships: 11/15/10

  • What is a relationship?

  • List 5 characteristics of a healthy relationship.

  • Rank the characteristics in order of importance and explain why

    • put a 1 for the most important, and a 5 for the least

  • List 5 characteristics of an unhealthy relationship.

Journal Entry 13Listen & Reflect: 11/8/10

  • Listen to Jackie’s Self Esteem talk & reflect.

    • Listen to track then reflect

  • What things make you self-conscious about your body?

  • Write down a positive comment to say to yourself instead of saying something negative about your body.

  • What are you grateful for?

Journal Entry 12Flaws & Perfection: 11/8/10

  • Flaw – a feature that mars (to damage or spoil, less perfect/attractive) the perfection of something; defect; fault.

  • Perfection - the condition, state or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

  • Why is it important to love yourself just the way you are?

Journal Entry 11Book Questions: 10/29/10

  • On own answer questions 1-3 on page 150 in journal

Journal Entry 10Food Journal: 10/28/10

  • How did keeping a food journal help you manage your eating?

  • How can it help a person manage weight?

  • What were the pros and cons of it?

Journal Entry 9Nutrition Labels: 10/20/10

  • List the type of information from a nutrition label that could help you make healthy food choices.

  • Do you ever look at the nutrition information on the food you eat?

  • What information influences your food choices?

Journal Entry 8Review & Reflect: 10/19/10

  • Review your FOOD journal from the last week.

  • What are some patterns you notice?

  • What are some things you have changed for the 2nd week?


Journal Entry 7KWL Chart: 10/11/10

  • Make a KWL chart about NUTRITION.

Journal Entry 6The Foods You Choose: 10/8/10

  • List 6 of the foods you eat most often for meals and snacks.

  • Describe why you eat each:

    • Health benefits?

    • Taste?

    • Appearance?

    • Convenience?

  • Do you consider them HEALTHY CHOICES?

Journal Entry 5Daily Routines: 9/20/10

  • What physical activities (not purposeful) do you include in your daily routine?

  • What are the benefits (i.e. physical, mental/emotional, social, spiritual)?

Journal Entry 4Physical Activities: 9/17/10

  • Make a list of the physical activities you participate in on a regular basis.

  • Then add 3 others that you would like to try.

  • Briefly describe WHY each activity appeals to you.

Journal Entry 3Goal Setting : 9/13/10

  • Identify a specific health goal that you would like to attain over this semester (such as eating less fast food:o)

  • List the steps you will take to reach your goal

  • Identify ways to seek help from others

  • Set up check points to evaluate your progress

  • How will you reward yourself when you achieve your goal?

Journal Entry 2Communication: 9/3/10

  • List the skills & qualities necessary for effective communication.

  • Explain how having strong communication skills can impact your health in positive ways

Journal Entry 1Good Health: 8/25/10

  • What does it mean to have good health?

  • How does it look?

  • What steps should one take to maintain/achieve a healthy lifestyle?

Journal Entry 31Sex Education:

  • Silently reflect on the following questions with a YES or NO (you DO NOT have to write down the answers)

    • I understand how hormones affect my body during adolescence (teen years) & adulthood

    • I do monthly breast self-exams

    • I practice abstinence (no sex) and avoid situations that might put me at risk of contracting STDs (sexual transmitted disease)

  • Why are these topics important to your overall health?

Journal Entry 28Media Images: 11/23/09

  • Media images can have an impact on a person’s body image

  • How might messages sent by media images negatively affect body image?

Journal Entry 24Is your diet Nutritious: 11/5/09& 11/6/09

  • What are your favorite foods?

  • Do you consider them to be healthy

  • Why or why not?

Journal Entry 23Do you stuff your emotions?: 11/4/09

  • Write about a time you were stressed or upset and chose to deal with your emotions with “comfort” foods

  • What could you have done instead of eating?

Journal Entry 21Teeth: 10/19/09

  • Make a list of ways to keep your teeth healthy

  • Circle the behaviors you do regularly

  • Put a star next to the ones you would like to improve

Journal Entry No Journal: 10/13/09


  • Take out your vocabulary squares and continue to work.

Journal Entry 20New Habits: 10/12/09

  • Review lesson 14.1 notes.

  • Write about a new habit you plan to DEVELOP to protect the health of your skin, hair, and nails.

Journal Entry 19Tattoos : 10/8/09 & 10/9/09

  • Consider the long-term consequences of having a tattoo.

  • Will you be proud of that tattoo years from now?

  • How could it work against you when you are looking for a job?

  • Why is it a good idea to WAIT to get a tattoo?

Journal Entry 18Free write: 10/7/09

  • Write about anything related to the notes or any other health issues that you would like to share.

Journal Entry 17Skin Cancer: 10/6/09

  • What steps do you/should you take to check for skin cancer?

  • Do you know anybody that has been diagnosed with skin cancer/melanoma? If so what steps did they take?

Journal Entry 16Sun Care: 10/5/09

  • What steps do you take to protect your skin from the sun? Describe each

  • Name a side effect of sun exposure

Journal Entry 15Hygiene: 10/1/09 & 10/2/09

  • List how long you spend “grooming” your skin, hair, & nails per day.

  • What steps do you take to care for all 3?

  • How does good hygiene affect your health?

Journal Entry 14Safety First: 9/29/09

  • List activities you do only during specific seasons of the year. Next to each activity, describe how you would prepare for the weather conditions of that season.

  • What safety precautions did you take in your most recent activity?

Journal Entry 13Inspirational Words: 9/24/09 & 9/25/09

  • Write your word or phrase from Jackie Joyner-Kersee’s speech on the first line

  • Describe how you have or will implement her inspirational words into your life.

  • Give examples of things that have happened or things that you want to happen.

Journal Entry 123,2,1 - Athletes: 9/23/09

  • 3 things you learned about the athlete articles from yesterday

  • 2 ways you can apply the messages to your life

  • 1 question about that article

Journal Entry 11Athlete Article Analysis: 9/22/09

  • Take out your article about an athlete and read it.

  • Why do you think the article was written? What’s the PURPOSE? (to explain, entertain, persuade, etc)

  • What is the message of the article?

  • What’s your overall reaction?

Journal Entry 10Fast Food Epidemic: 10/22/10

  • If you were to eat fast food for every meal for 30 days how do you think you would feel?

  • What would be some of the side effects?

  • How does this relate to your current diet?

Journal Entry 10Perseverance: 9/21/09

  • Def: 1) steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. 2) Theology. continuance in a state of grace to the end, leading to eternal salvation.

  • Write about a time in your life that you were challenged and how you overcame it

Journal Entry 5Health Effects: 9/15/10

  • List 2 of your favorite activities.

  • Then briefly describe the positive effect each has on your health.

  • List the physical, social, and mental/emotional effects

Journal Entry 93,2,1: 9/17/09 & 9/18/09

  • 3 things you learned from the presentations yesterday/Wednesday (if you can remember :)

  • 2 ways you can apply it to your life

  • 1 question about that activity

Journal Entry 83,2,1: 9/16/09

  • 3 things you learned from the presentations yesterday

  • 2 ways you can apply it to your life

  • 1 question about that activity

Journal Entry 7Time to Present!: 9/15/09

  • Write out a script for your presentation

    • Introduce your activity

    • Describe the benefits (detailed!)


Journal Entry 6Revisiting Goals: 9/14/09

  • Look back at Journal Entry #1 (8/26/09)

  • Now that you have learned more about physical activity & your health discuss the goals that you have implemented, and the results you have seen.

  • If you have not made any progress toward your health goals, list steps you can take to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Journal Entry 3Health Triangle : 9/1/09

  • (Use your book pg. 11)

  • Draw & label a health triangle. For each side of the triangle, identify 2 decisions that you made during the past few days that could affect your health. Put a “+” by the healthful decisions and a “—” by the potential harmful

Health Journal Guidelines

  • COPY the following guidelines on the first page of your journal:

  • 1)Reflection question is answered in your journal daily

  • 2)Copy the question in one colored ink and answer in another (your choice of color)

  • 3)Answer must be in full paragraph form – at least 5 sentences per paragraph to receive credit

Guidelines continued

4) Will be checked for a grade on a regular basis

5)You are responsible for the entries even if you are absent

6) Table of Contents – Save the first 2 pages after guidelines

  • Date Title of Reflection page #

    7) Must be brought to class EVERYDAY! Failure to do so will result in teacher detention

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