Customer Management Tutorial 1 Agenda

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Customer Management Tutorial 1 Agenda

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1. Customer Management Tutorial 1 Agenda Overview of tutorial programme Assignment brief Group presentation Individual report Overview of

3. Essential items check List for tutorial 2 bring Pencil (or Tipp-ex, if you use a pen) Ruler Eraser Calculator, if you can’t add up, multiply or divide without! You will need these!

4. Customer Management Assignment brief Introduction Why carry a CRM capability assessment? CM or CRM equivalent of the marketing audit – a where are we now Read article on CRM capability by Kirby and Radcliffe before tutorial 4 on CMAT Before making any CRM investment (e.g. contact centre, channels, technology etc) it would be wise to conduct an assessment of current CRM Capability. QCi’s Customer Management Assessment Tool (CMAT™) is a CRM capability assessment tool CMAT based on the QCi Customer Management Model, which was introduced in lectures 2 and 3.

5. Your role As Customer Management consultants (groups of 4-5 people) you will produce an: Unassessed group presentation (15 minutes) – formative feed back given Week 10/11 and 15/16 Individual report (1,000 words) Hand in week 19 (Wednesday) on Customer Management capability of a company . (see next slide - The task) This is a realistic and challenging exercise that will provide you with unique skills to improve a firms’ marketing performance and profitability. Assume your tutor is the CEO of the company any further work will depend on your competence & professionalism Note: Your individual report will require turning your capability assessment into developing a CRM strategy

6. The Task Your presentation should focus on two key areas how well the company is currently managing its customers based on the CMAT assessment data producing process behaviour charts for customer management metrics (REAP data on satisfaction, retention etc will be uploaded to BB) To do this In tutorial 4 you will learn how to analyse and present CMAT data for the presentation Use CMAT questions to develop the detailed CRM strategy for your individual report after your presentation In tutorials 2 & 3 you will learn how to construct process behaviour charts Attendance very important. Note: no theoretical underpinning or references are required for the presentation, but this will be key to your reports

7. The Task There are two parts to your presentation and individual report. Part 1 Analysis of current capability based on CMAT data Your key task for part 1 is to report on your company’s current customer management capability and performance. There are a number of CRM models that can do this, but you will be using data from QCi’s Customer Management Assessment Tool (CMAT™) Use the CMAT data for your company made available from tutorial 2 Part 2 Process behaviour charting The presentation should be based on the: Process behaviour chart data for your company will be uploaded to Blackboard after tutorial 2. Each member of the group will prepare and EXPLAIN a different chart for the presentation (and they will write up their chart ONLY in the individual report).

8. How CMAT is structured

9. Presenting the CMAT data Provide and comment on top 3 levels ONLY at this stage 1) Overall level Company Z13 score Mean Highest Lowest 33% 37% 65% 25% How is Z13 doing compares to the whole data set? Which quartile is the company in? Useful excel formulae Average, min, max 2) section level Analysis and planning, proposition etc performance shown in the chart/table 3) part level Provide and comment on chart/table at for Customer Management Activities + possibly maximum 1 other part (optional) 4) Ignore question level (4th level) for presentation – This is used to develop the CRM strategy for your report

10. Use either bar or radar chart for displaying CMAT section and part level scores

11. Provide tables to display CMAT section & part level scores

12. Process Behaviour Charts In tutorials 2 and 3 you will learn how to produce process behaviour charts (to chart REAP data). also known as icharts (i for insight) will, in a ‘stable process’ allow you to predict the future. Data in pictorial format is much easier to understand Vs the confusing rows & columns of data in a typical management report. Supposing you have a service level agreement with your customer that all orders must be delivered within 10 days. How do you know whether you are capable of doing that each day and every day without fail? The process behaviour chart will help answer that question.

13. Presentation Feedback Will be provided after your presentation – The feedback sheet will be available on line to use as a guide to ensure your presentation covers ALL thee key things required After you have received the feedback you should make all corrections and show these to your tutor at the next tutorial This will be a second opportunity to get feedback

14. Presentation feedback formative feedback on your presentation (content and delivery) after your presentation. will help shape your reports and will not be graded.

15. The Individual Report There are three parts to your individual report.   Part 1 Analysis and commentary on (Maximum 125 words) This is a write up of the CMAT data from the presentation Part 2 Develop a CRM strategy for your company (750 words) This part uses question level analysis and turns low scoring questions of what the firm is not doing into statements of what they SHOULD BE DOING Part 3 Process behaviour chart (Maximum 125 words) After your presentation you will be given detailed guidance on how to do question level analysis for part 2

16. Timetable Unassessed presentations with formative feedback Weeks 10/11 and 15/16 Report Briefing Will be after your presentation A template will be provided for your report, so no need to worry about formatting Report hand in to the Student Advice Centre on Wednesday 8th February (week 19) To Turnitn no later than SAC hand in time

17. Group formation starts now Will be formed now before you leave Maximum of 5 groups/class Depending on class numbers group size will be usually 4-5 people, Tutor has final say and the right to move people Non attenders at tutorial 1 may be assigned to group with other non attenders

18. Demonstration of How to register -. Will be confirmed by the module leader Navigation bar, Home, Activity, FAQ etc Where to find materials Learning Zone>>>Customer Management MARK3014 Leicester>>>Documents Go to category and select topic for lectures or tutorial number for tutorials or general information for module guide and assignment brief

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