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Overview of LOHAS and LOHAS Forum

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Lohas overview l.jpg

LOHAS Overview

Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability

What is lohas l.jpg

What is LOHAS?

An acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability and describes a $209 billion market of products and services that appeal to consumers who value the environment, social justice, health and personal development.

Who is the lohas consumer l.jpg

Who is the LOHAS consumer?

Many companies target demographics or ethnographics of consumers.

LOHAS consumers are identified as a PSYCHOGRAPHIC of people who want to align their purchasing decisions with their personal values. They are keenly sensitive about how their actions impact the global community. Typically LOHAS consumers are not only interested in green or environmentally sound products, but are also looking beyond green qualities.

These values consist of a broad view of how products LOHAS consumers use impact the world and include:

  • Health & Wellness

  • Personal Development & Spirituality

  • Environmentalism & Sustainability

  • Social Justice & Community Development

U s segmentation l.jpg

U.S. Segmentation

To better understand the dynamics, behavior and purchasing decisions of consumers as it relates to LOHAS, the U.S. population has been divided broken down into five segments:


  • Naturalites

  • Drifters

  • Conventionals

  • Unconcerned

    LOHAS – 17% of the population

  • Long term supporters of LOHAS values and products

  • Early adopters

  • Educate others about products they believe it

  • Less price sensitive and willing to spend up to 20% more for LOHAS products and services

  • More brand loyal

  • Investigative product information for legitimacy and authenticity

  • The best evangelists for companies

  • Based on 2008 consumer research from the Natural Marketing Institute

    U s segmentation continued l.jpg

    U.S. Segmentation continued

    Naturalites/Health and Beauty Conscious – 17% of the population

    • Passionate about their own personal health

    • Less committed to green aspects

      Drifters – 24% of the population

    • LOHAS factors are not the primary concern

    • Tend to be price sensitive and follow trends

      Conventionals– 26% of the population

    • Practical spending habits

    • Follow mainstream environmental practices, such as recycling and energy conservation

    • LOHAS values are generally not considered when purchasing

      Unconcerned – 16% of the population

    • Show no environmentally responsible behaviors

      **Targeting LOHAS consumer has tremendous upside potential and benefits!

    Based on 2008 consumer research from the Natural Marketing Institute

    The lohas market l.jpg

    The LOHAS Market

    Identified and quantified by research conducted in 2000 by Conscious Wave. Conscious Wave is a 501(c)(3) that owns the LOHAS forum, the LOHAS Journal and LOHAS.com. The LOHAS market was most recently estimated to be $209 Billion. LOHAS is an umbrella market that embodies products and services that are attractive to the LOHAS consumer who has interest in the following segments:

    Market segmentation:

    • Personal Health

      • Natural/Organic products, Alternative Medicine, Health fitness

    • Green Building

      • Energy Star Products, Solar, Green building materials

    • Eco Tourism

      • Eco travel, Eco adventure

    • Natural Lifestyles

      • Home furnishings, pet products, apparel, philanthropy

    • Alternative Transportation

      • Hybrids, Bio-diesel, Car sharing

    • Alternative Energies

      • Green pricing programs, RECs

    Rapid growth in all directions l.jpg

    Rapid Growth In All Directions

    • Organic Foods – 15%+ growth since 1990

    • Solar Energy – 16% growth since 1992

    • Wind Energy – Five-fold growth since 1995

    • Alternative Medicine – Nearly 50% of U.S. consumers have tried it – at their own expense!

    • Alternative Transportation – 29% growth rate

    • Eco-Tourism–is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry

    • Socially Responsible Investing – has more than $2 trillion invested

    Differences between green and lohas l.jpg

    Differences between Green and LOHAS

    • LOHAS consumers are a diverse population with interests in a variety of products and lifestyles.

    • Green products speak to those who are interested in:

    • Environmentalism

    • Energy efficiency

    • Global warming

    • It is important to remember that many LOHAS consumers are driven by green values BUT ALSO have concerns about:

    • Social justice

    • Community

    • Health and Wellness

    • Personal development

    Concerns with green l.jpg

    Concerns with Green

    Confusions Among Consumers

    Unless you have been living under a rock, you understand green is hip. However, there is so much information, how can consumers know if a company is authentic or taking advantage of the current trend? They want proof of action rather than lip service. For example, many companies use ‘natural’ on their packaging but how many actually have natural ingredients that fit the consumer’s definition of natural.

    LOHAS consumers want to know the depth of a company or product. If a product is truly natural, does it benefit the environment and/or personal health? Does the company have a community giveback program? Is it fair to its employees? Where can I research this? Is it easily accessible?

    Gap between Supply and Demand

    Furthermore, there is a tremendousgap between the growing consumer demand for green products and availability. How can a company provide a product and information that properly fulfills the demands of the consumer?

    Isolated Thinking

    Greening is a good thing but many companies, business associations and organizations are not seeing the larger picture and not communicating effectively with each other to share information. For example, the solar power company is not actively talking to the yoga company who is not actively talking to the organic foods company who is not talking to the hybrid car company. Yet, all are targeting the same consumer. How can they work cooperatively and not re-create the wheel?

    Answer to the concerns l.jpg

    Answer to the Concerns

    The LOHAS Forum is THE premiere B2B gathering of seven-hundred Fortune 500 businesses, thought leaders, market researchers, media executives and opinion makers seeking to participate in the $208 billion dollar LOHAS market. It is the only event that brings leaders from all of the different LOHAS segments together for high-end strategic dialogues.

    2009 will be the 13th year of the LOHAS Forum

    When: June 17-19th

    Where: St. Jullien Hotel and Spa Boulder, Colorado

    What does the lohas forum provide l.jpg

    What does the LOHAS Forum provide?


    Idea Sharing

    Experience Sharing



    Media Attention

    Contact us l.jpg

    Contact Us

    For more information on LOHAS and the LOHAS Forum contact:

    Ted Ning

    LOHAS Forum Director &

    LOHAS Journal Executive Editor


    [email protected]

    833 W. South Boulder Rd.

    Louisville, CO 80027


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