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Good vs. Evil PowerPoint PPT Presentation

A family movie by Joey and Tommy Klieman

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Good vs. Evil

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A family movie by joey and tommy klieman l.jpg

A family movie by Joey and Tommy Klieman

Good vs. Evil

Ideas l.jpg


  • I wanted to write a movie that I and the family could act in.

  • Tommy came up with a basic plot.

  • Together, we sat down and started writing.

  • If we get to make it, this will be the first family movie I get a big part in.

Writing l.jpg


  • I did the typing while Tommy and I talked.

  • Daddy helped with some plot points.

Casting l.jpg


  • I did the casting.

  • Tommy helped me remember the cousins.

  • Mommy helped add parts when I got stumped.

Slide5 l.jpg


  • This is a movie that is a battle of good and evil. At the beginning of the movie Zach (bad guy leader) is watching the news and hears MINER LEADER AND TEAM FIND MASSIVE SUPPLY OF ENERGY DEEP IN MINE. Zach wants the energy for himself so he tries to steal it. Luckily the miner leader (good guy leader played by Michael) saw him and realized he was after the energy . There are several battles between the good guys and the bad guys. After the battles the good guys go commando, and sneak into the pool by swimming underwater and capture Zach while the bad guys sneak into the playroom and capture Michael. Then they question Zach and learn that the bad guys have taken Michael to Their HQ and an immense battle breaks out. The good guys emerge victorious and the bad guys are sent to jail!

Cast 01 l.jpg

Cast 01.



  • Joey Klieman

  • Tommy Klieman

  • Michael Bardos

  • Aaron Bardos

  • Jacob Bardos

  • Maybe John Paul, Alex Bardos, and Matt Sloan

  • Peter Klieman

  • Brandon Bardos

  • Denny Sloan

  • Nathan Sloan

  • Zach Bardos

  • Zoli Bardos

  • Laci Bardos

  • Daniel Bardos

  • Warren Inskeep

  • Patrick Bardos

Cast 02 l.jpg

Cast 02.


Fairies :Becca Inskeep, Erzsi Klieman, Virelai Lavacek

Civilians: Lizzie Bardos, Caitlin Bardos, Christine Bardos, Mary Katherine Sloan, Breana Bardos, Aidan Bardos, Hayley Bardos

Pitching l.jpg


  • I printed the plot and cast.

  • I wrote a letter to A’rpa’d ba’csi and asked him to consider the movie.

  • I hope he decides to do it, and I am waiting for his answer.

Tracking systems l.jpg

Tracking systems



Leaders and main characters l.jpg

Leaders and main characters

The Stars

Rival commanders l.jpg

Rival commanders

Soldiers l.jpg


Spies scubas l.jpg


Reinforcements l.jpg


Evil 01 l.jpg

Evil 01.

Evil 02 l.jpg

Evil 02.

Evil 03 l.jpg

Evil 03.

Evil 04 l.jpg

Evil 04.

News reporters l.jpg

News reporters

Civilians 01 l.jpg

Civilians 01.

Civilians 02 l.jpg

Civilians 02.

Civilians 03 l.jpg

Civilians 03.

Fairies 01 l.jpg

Fairies 01.

Fairies 02 l.jpg

Fairies 02.

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