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my old panama progect

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Panama l.jpg

Note to self: Keep this forever

Geography l.jpg

  • Panama is an isthmus, a small body of land that connects two large bodies of land

  • Panamas capital is Panama City

  • The panama canal cuts directly though panama

Geography3 l.jpg

  • There is over 500 rivers in panama

  • It is warm year round

Government and history l.jpg
Government and History

  • Nelnez Balboa was the first person to cross panama and see the pacific

  • Panama, just like the United States is a democratic country

  • Panama was originally part of Columbia but gained independence with help from the US

  • Panamas population is 3,292,693 according to a July 2008 estimate

Government and history5 l.jpg
Government and History

  • The president is Martin torijose Espino

The president Martin torijose Espino

Culture and languages l.jpg
Culture and languages

  • Spanish is the main language but many people speak English

  • most Panamanians eat rice at every meal

  • Most Panamanians also make molas which are embroidered blouses

Culture l.jpg

  • Panamanian people enjoy the same things as we do in the us

  • molas come in many different styles

Economics and currency l.jpg
Economics and Currency

  • The currency is the balboa

  • One hundred centesimo equals one baboa

Economics l.jpg

  • Fish is panamas second to largest export

  • Panamas agricultural exports are bananas, rice, corn, coffee, sugarcane, vegetables; livestock; shrimp

  • most people in panama live near the canal zone