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Flightglobal Jobs
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The best place to recruit aviation and aerospace professionals.

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Flightglobal Jobs

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Flightglobal JobsFlightglobal Training

The career partner of choice in aviation & aerospace

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Our new Jobs and Training Sites

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Flightglobal Jobs’ Performance… so far

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(Feb – May 2012 versus same period 2011)

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(Feb May 12 v. 11)

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(Feb May 12 v. 11)

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(May stat)

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(Feb May 12 v. 11)

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Flightglobal Training’s Performance… so far

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(Average monthly figure from Feb May)

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(Average monthly figure from Feb May)

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(Average monthly figure from Feb May)

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So what are our sites doing for you?

175% more applications per month since our relaunch1

Over 6 x more applications per job with our new advertising inventory2

Don’t waste time trying to find the perfect candidates… let them come to you!

1Feb – May 2012 v. 2011

2Measured against a simple, text-only listing

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The career partner of choice in aviation & aerospace

No matter what the need…

Whether you’re advertising courses or jobs…

We’ve got the best sites in the industry to carry your advertising.

And the audience waiting to meet you!

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New Media Centres


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Content about our brand and site is displayed helpfully under the five main headers in an easy to navigate set up

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Provides background about the brand, the work we do to ensure your jobs are being viewed by the jobseekers in the market, and a presentation profiling our users and their on-site behaviour

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A detailed breakdown of all the products and services we offer to advertisers to help them familiarise themselves with all the options we provide

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All the technical data and prices you’d need to structure your advertising budget. Online costs in GBP and USD, print costs, print and online technical spec., as well as a print features list for the year

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A word from some of our grateful recruiters on how Flightglobal helped them achieve their advertising goals

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At certain times of the year we like to offer advertisers a little treat – such as a discount off a job posting, or an extra bit of inventory in a package – so make sure you check this page to see what’s currently on offer

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Two quick and easy links to follow that allow you to post a job direct to our site once you feel you have all the information you need to make an informed decision

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New websites,

New media centers,

A better Flightglobal for our advertisers

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Flightglobal Jobs& Training

The career partner of choice in aviation & aerospace

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