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História em quadrinhos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Trabalhos realizados na disciplina de inglês.

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Moto Fashion

your text

Name: Douglas e Fabio

Teacher: Toni Helena Ody

Class: 6º B

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Good morning

Good morning

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Name:Caroline dos Santos de Oliveira e Thaila Gabrielli de Fraga de Araujo.

Teacher:Toni Helena Ody

Class:6 ano B

{frieds forever}

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What is your name? Fraga de Araujo.

My name is


Slide8 l.jpg

Yes, I do! Fraga de Araujo.

Do you speak


Slide9 l.jpg

yes! Fraga de Araujo.

Come with me!

Slide10 l.jpg

yes,I want. Fraga de Araujo.

yes,I want.

Do you want

to go to the movie?

Do you want

to go to the movie?

Slide11 l.jpg

I have pork chops Fraga de Araujo.

Boiled potatoes and

Tomato salad

A table for two


Slide12 l.jpg

How much is that? Fraga de Araujo.

I need to buy a birthday


Slide13 l.jpg

I've got a little. Fraga de Araujo.


Carol have you got

Any money

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bye! Fraga de Araujo.


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Good evening Fraga de Araujo.

Good evening

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Friends... Fraga de Araujo.



My family l.jpg
My family Fraga de Araujo.

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6º ano B Fraga de Araujo.

Toni Helena Ody

Fagner Flavio e Gabriel Muller.

Slide20 l.jpg

My family Fraga de Araujo.

My family

Slide21 l.jpg

All the family Fraga de Araujo.

Slide22 l.jpg

Good night family Fraga de Araujo.

Good night family

Slide23 l.jpg

Good night Fraga de Araujo.

Good night Carol

Good night Carol

Slide24 l.jpg

I and my family Fraga de Araujo.

Slide25 l.jpg

Our dream: a baby! Fraga de Araujo.

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Photography family Fraga de Araujo.