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web 2.0 conference - demand media

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web 2.0 conference

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Web 2.0 Conference

November 7th 2008

Richard Rosenblatt

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

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Demand Media

  • Experienced Team with Deep Roots in Social Media

    • Entrepreneurial management team from leading Internet/social media companies (MySpace, eBay, Yahoo!, Amazon, IAC)

  • Large and Rapidly Growing Distributed Footprint

    • 5 vertically focused media categories touching 70MM+ UUs; 60MM+ direct navigation UUs;

  • Unmatched Array of Social Media and Content Solutions for Over 250 Partners:

    • Power over 3.0BN monthly social media interactions for partners

  • Innovative “Studio” producing ROI driven scalable Pro-Am Content

  • Well Capitalized with Blue Chip Support

    • Backed by $355MM from Goldman Sachs, Oak Investment Partners, Spectrum Equity Investors, 3i Investments plc, Generation Partners; $100MM bank line; Profitable since inception

Our founding principles l.jpg

Our Founding Principles

We live in a search-driven world where content is marketing and

every door is a front door.

Online audiences are increasingly fragmenting and reforming around passionate, vertical communities.

Social media is useful and valuable, and will be a key factor in success of every Website.

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  • Media Network

    • 5 Vertical Media Categories

    • 71MM+ Monthly Uniques

    • #39 comScore

    • Direct Navigation Portfolio

    • Pluck On Demand Affiliates

  • Content & Production

    • 130,000+ Internet Videos

    • 340,000+ Articles

    • 5MM+ Editorially Reviewed Blog Posts

    • #1 YouTube contributor

Demand Media Business Structure

Our Studio

Our Tools

Our Network

  • Social Media Tools

    • Social Media Platform

    • Powering 3 BN Monthly Interactions

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People on the Web Are Surrounded by Social Media

Technology IS making a positive difference in education

We have taken a great step forward toward a better America. (on Obama)

Dr. Robert Kozma



What's Next For The Green Economy?? Now that we know who's in charge!

I've never had this fungus before on my lawn. (260,000)

The best way to keep your XBox from the dreaded 3 Rings of Death is to keep it cool.




From head to tail the entire web is going social l.jpg

From Head to Tail the Entire Web is Going Social

The Head

Have content, and rushing to make their media social

Content at scale is required

The Torso

Growing through social media

The Long Tail

Coming to life through social media

How do we create content at scale demand studios l.jpg

How do we create content at scale? Demand Studios

Skilled filmmakers choose from assignments provided by us and produce made-for-the internet high-def videos.

Writers accepted into our program choose from Demand Studios assignments, research and write high-quality text content.

Copy editors edit every text article that is accepted by Demand Studios

Transcribers create transcripts for every video produced, increasing their search value.

Experts appear in videos and write targeted articles based on their area of expertise.

Title proofers ensure titles are properly formatted and optimized for search value.

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Are these the faces of NEW Media?

CASE STUDY: The Story of Alicia

Demand Studios writer

Wolf Blitzer

Stone Phillips

Charlie Rose

Anderson Cooper

About Alicia:

Alicia, Cape May Court House, NJ

Admitted to Demand Studios: 4/30/2008

Earnings to date: $7,110.00

Expertise: Personal Finance

“I am a single mom of two beautiful girls. I currently home-school my oldest daughter who is nine years old.  My youngest has a neuro-genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome.  She attends the local special services school but she sick a lot so I don't have the opportunity to work outside of the home. “I was so excited to find Demand Studios.  It was great to be able to put my writing background to good use and to bring home a consistent weekly paycheck.  Best of all I get to work around my daughter's schedules and be here for them when they need me. Thanks Demand Studios!”

Start login to demandstudios com l.jpg

START: Login to DemandStudios.com


Step 1 select assignment algo created titles l.jpg

STEP 1: Select Assignment – Algo created titles

How to Make Money Clipping Coupons

Step 2 write article l.jpg

STEP 2: Write Article

How to make money clipping coupons

Step 3 publish article ehow l.jpg

STEP 3: Publish Article (ehow)

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Studio Content: Grows OUR Vertical Network

Unique Users


Featured Brands

How To










Uniques, Google Analytics, August2008

Even youtube needs content l.jpg

Even YouTube needs content…

The Early Results

  • 10X more videos uploaded than any other Partner (over 135,000)

  • Expert Village is the #4 most viewed channel ever

  • 5-10X growth YoY in all key metrics (streams, videos, subscribers)

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YouTube is just the beginning…Future Distribution Partners

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How do we go beyond our network and head publishers?

Pluck on demand growing your site with content and social media l.jpg

Pluck On Demand: Growing Your Site With Content and Social Media

Millions of articles and videos from high-quality websites, blogs, and premium branded content

Comments, profiles, recommendations, ratings, user discovery modules

Content is viewed within the publisher’s pages, increasing pageviews and time spent on site

Incremental pages are pre-packaged with advertising, earning publishers extra revenue

A comprehensive library of high quality content l.jpg

A Comprehensive Library of High Quality Content

Leading Websites and Blogs:

Premium Branded Content:

Editorial Content:

Liz Smith

Andy Rooney

Dave Barry

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Pluck on Demand Video

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