Public service media in a my time world
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Public service media in a my time world l.jpg

Public Service MediaIn a ‘My Time’ World

Why the PSP Initiative

My time usage is growing l.jpg
‘My Time’ usage is growing

  • It’s the fastest growing segment of electronic media usage

  • “I want what I want, when I want it, the way I want it.” – Larry Rosin

The missing audience l.jpg
The missing audience

Primetime Audience Segmentation for Public Television

Source: CPB/Knowledge Networks/SRI AAU study, Jan-Feb 2004

Building a new core l.jpg
Building a new core

Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 18:45:38 -0800 (PST) From: jack smith <[email protected]> Subject: Re: request to be added to mailing - next steps To: Dennis Haarsager <[email protected]>

Hi Dennis, thanks much. I am a member of the New York State Bar Tax Accounting Section and am veryinterested in issues involving amortization of intellectual property assets in a post ip broadband wireless environment. Thanks again

The long tail l.jpg
The Long Tail

Here is a power law demand curve. Each of Rhapsody’s top 400,000 tracks is streamed at least once a month. The average Barnes & Noble has 130,000 titles, but ¼ of Amazon’s book sales comes from outside the top 130,000.

What is public broadcasting s digital distribution strategy l.jpg

What is public broadcasting’s digital distribution strategy?

Urgency l.jpg

  • Opportunity – the pieces are in place

    • ‘My Time’ use is growing

    • PBCore, broadband, off-the-shelf core technologies

    • Long-tail businesses are succeeding

    • We have great assets – as do those other public service partners.

  • Advancing change

    • It’s no longer a one-platform world. If we cling to one platform, we risk our mission.

    • It’s no longer an on-schedule world.

    • Barriers to entry are low. If we don’t do it, someone will.

  • Either urgency points in the same direction.

Strategic priorities l.jpg
Strategic priorities

  • Extend all programming everywhere

  • Serving time-constrained users

  • Serving current users better – richer niches, time-shifting

  • Optimize access through search and recommendation technologies

  • Open new revenue sources ...

New revenue sources l.jpg
... New revenue sources

  • Member benefits (more content, convenient times)

  • New audience revenue (relationship building, underwriting)

  • User compensation for access to niche, premium or hard-to-find programming

  • Assets in permanent distribution build record of community value, important for tax-based, foundation and philanthropic $$

  • B2B revenues (rights to distribute, marketing content for derivative works)

  • Distribution services (datacasting, load balancing from PRSS/NGIS feeds, PSP traffic)

A my time strategy l.jpg
A ‘My Time’ strategy

  • PRO-inspired

  • But more comprehensive strategy needed

    • Audio and video content

    • Paid and free distribution

    • User and B2B and broadcast services

  • Builds on existing users, but uses searchable ‘long tail’ aggregation to reach under-served or unserved listeners and viewers.

  • Build on current pubcasting and partner brands

How would it work l.jpg
How would it work?

  • Project documents:


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