In What ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media p...
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In what ways does you media product use

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In What ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

What are the convections of Music magazines?

  • To have a music magazine that focus on one or two types of music.

  • To have music that people like to listen too.

  • A music magazine that gives you reviews and interviews about the stars.

  • To have a mixture of bands and solo artists.

  • To have the tour dates.

  • Music magazine that tells the reader what is in the chart at the time of the sale of the magazine.

What does the front cover have to include?

  • The front cover needs to have a master heading. The master heading tells the reader what kind of magazine they are buying.

  • The master heading will be big and sometimes the heading will have a colour in the letters.

  • You need to have the price.

  • A photograph or photographs of what the magazine contains.

  • The front cover will have cover lines about the interviews the magazine has inside.

  • The front cover must have a photograph of the person or people that have being interviewed for the main article.

  • The front cover will have a strap line underneath the master heading.

What is a typical contents page like?

  • The contents page has the page numbers/ articles/ information/quiz's.

  • The contents page also can have photographs of the artists used and can some times have cartoon pictures.

  • You need to have the word contents on the page.

  • On some of the magazines that you buy on the contents page you will have the master heading in small.

  • A contents page needs to be bright and colourful, so that it stands out to the reader.

  • The contents information is general put into columns so that it is easier for the reader to understand.

What is the typical Double page spread like?

  • The double page spread will have a heading.

  • You have a main photograph of the persons or people. You also can have more images of the person or people.

  • You have the interview or article.

  • Some double page spreads you will have the interview/ article on the one page and on the other page you can get one main image or you can have few images.

  • You can get quota's of what the artists say on the page in bold.

How have you included these conventions in your ownmagazine?

  • My front cover contains the conventions that other magazines contains. My front cover has a bold and bright master heading.

  • I have put one image on my front cover, however I have used this image as my background.

  • I have put the issue number and the price of magazine on the front cover.

  • My front cover has cover lines that go with my main article on my double page spread and on my contents page.

  • The only convention that I haven’t included in my front cover is a strap line.

  • My contents page contains a mixture of photographs that show the artiste that I have used.

  • I have made my contents page contain a vary of information.

  • Ihave put the word contents on my page, but I have made it colourful. I also have put on my master heading on the page.

  • I have put my information into two columns and down the middle of the page I have put photographs.

  • My contents page is bright and colourful to make the contents page stand out to the reader.

My double page spread has a main image of the my girls band group and in the last column of the article I have put some more images of the girls.

  • I have an interview about the girl band Candy Girls.

  • I have put the cover line that is on my front cover at the top of the page.

  • I have put a quota that one of the girls say from the interview on to the main image in white.

Have youdone anything differently?/ pushed the boundaries.

On my double page spread I have put the master heading on the two top corners of the page.

I pushed for two to make the double page spread recognize and to continued the theme in my magazine.

On my contents page I tried to make the page bright and colourful with out clashing the colours.

With my article on my double page spread I put a colour for each girl. A colour for the question and the same colour for the welcome message and end message.

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