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Candlesticks basic understanding how to use them l.jpg


Basic understanding

How to use them

Introduction to candlesticks l.jpg

Introduction to Candlesticks

  • Use to time your entry in a stock or option

  • Identifies possibility of current trend reversal or continuation

  • Visually Appealing vs. Bar Charts

  • Must be confirmed by another indicator

  • Only for markets that have all data

Look for the 3 c s content clarity conformation l.jpg

Look For the 3 C’s ContentClarityConformation

What candlesticks tell us l.jpg

What Candlesticks Tell Us

Indicators that signal

  • A trend reversal

  • Conformation of trend

  • Indecision in strength of the Trend

Candlesticks l.jpg


Bullish Real

Body Color:




Bearish Real

Body Color:




Are you ready for some basic patterns l.jpg

Are You Ready For Some Basic Patterns?

Reversal phenomena l.jpg

Reversal Phenomena

Hammers hanging man takuri and kubitsuri l.jpg

Hammers & Hanging Man(Takuri and Kubitsuri)

Stars hoshi l.jpg


Continuation formations l.jpg

Continuation Formations

Gaps windows l.jpg





Where can you find candlesticks on the investools website l.jpg

Where Can You Find Candlesticks on the Investools Website

The interactive chart l.jpg

The Interactive Chart

  • On the Graph Tab (Enter your Symbol)

  • Left Side Under Graph Links Select Interactive Chart

  • Bottom Left of new Graph Click CLONE button

  • Maximize Window (if you are blind like me)

  • Top Left Default setting ‘Bar’ Click down arrow to your right, select ‘Candle’

  • Apply Favorite Study Set (Workshop if you are new, or Bowtie covered later)

Candlesticks review l.jpg

Candlesticks Review

  • Helpful to time entry an exit points

  • Illustrates the battle between Buyers and Sellers.

  • Not reliable to use as only indicator

  • Easier to see direction of price moves

Resources l.jpg









  • Technical Analysis – PRING

  • Candlesticks - Steve Nision

    *Other resources are available.

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