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Animal abuse PowerPoint PPT Presentation

its for a project

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animal abuse

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Animal abuse l.jpg

Animal abuse

Jesus Guzman


May 29,2009

Introduction l.jpg


• I chose animal abuse because I really love animals

• I worked with my friend (Andrew)

Thesis l.jpg


• There should be stronger laws that regulate and punish people who mistreat animals

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• have you ever seen a person hit a dog and they don’t get in trouble for it well I have

• I seen people hit there pets and nothing happens to them

Slide5 l.jpg


• a lot of people love animals and they don’t want to see animals getting abused

Slide6 l.jpg


• many people hit there animals when there bad

• the aspca are trying to make a stronger law protecting animals

Slide7 l.jpg


• in 1822 martins act was introduced

• this law only helped cattle

• the aspca created a law protecting animals in 1866

Slide8 l.jpg


• the aspca and all the animal shelters are helping animals

• they help by caring for then and treating then when there hurt

Project l.jpg


• My plan to help animals was to do a car wash

•but it was raining a lot so we decided to street perform

• we made a lot of money $25 dollars and 32¢ cents

Project10 l.jpg


• me and my friend (Andrew) like to street perform it was fun

• I juggled, danced, and did bike tricks

•my friend (Andrew) danced, and collected the money

Andrew asking and dancing for money l.jpg

Andrew asking and dancing for money

Me juggling and asking for money l.jpg

Me juggling and asking for money

Andrew juggling for money and me asking for money l.jpg

Andrew juggling for money and me asking for money

Me and andrew dancing for money l.jpg

Me and Andrew dancing for money

Conclusion l.jpg


• I didn’t start my exhibition good I didn’t do it for a while

• once I started I got it done and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be

• I gets easier after you work on it more

Final thought l.jpg

Final thought

• do you want to see a animal get abused or killed

Any questions l.jpg

Any Questions

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