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The spanish armada
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The Spanish Armada. “God Blew and They were Scattered”. Who’s Who. English Players Elizabeth I Mary I Mary Queen of Scots Francis Drake. Spanish Players Phillip II Duke of Prama Princess Isabella. Why Would Spain Attack England?. Problems Spain Faced. Problem 1

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The Spanish Armada

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The spanish armada

The Spanish Armada

“God Blew and They were Scattered”

Who s who

Who’s Who

English Players

  • Elizabeth I

  • Mary I

  • Mary Queen of Scots

  • Francis Drake

Spanish Players

  • Phillip II

  • Duke of Prama

  • Princess Isabella

Why would spain attack england

Why Would Spain Attack England?

Problems spain faced

Problems Spain Faced

Problem 1

In 1587, Drake attacked Cadiz harbour and destroyed or damaged a number of ships that were being prepared by the Spanish for the Armada

The spanish armada

Problem 2

The stores put on board the new ships rotted as the barrels that contained the food and water were made of new wood which was still damp. This rotted the food and made the water sour.

The spanish armada

Problem 3

The plan was to get to the Spanish Netherlands, pick up Spanish soldiers who were stationed there and invade England's south coast. But there was no obvious port to pick up the soldiers in the Netherlands.

The spanish armada

Problem 4

Spain's Lord High Admiral was the famous Santa Cruz. He was a respected and successful admiral. He died in 1586. The admiral chosen by Philip to lead the Armada after Cruz's death was a very rich and successful general called the Duke of Medina Sidonia. Though a good general, Medina Sidonia had never been to sea before and when he did get on board his ship, he got seasick. Why did King Philip select a man who had never been to sea before to lead the world's then largest naval fleet?

The spanish armada

Problem 5

The Armada first sailed in April 1588. It hit a terrible storm and many ships were damaged. They had to return to port to get repaired.

Elizabeth s speech at tilbury 1588

Elizabeth’s Speech at Tilbury 1588

The spanish armada elizabeth the golden age

The Spanish Armada – Elizabeth the Golden Age

Elizabeth i armada portrait by george gower 1588

Elizabeth I, Armada Portrait by George Gower 1588

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