Game development process
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Game Development – Process PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Game Development – Process. Alessandro Canossa [email protected] Michael Schmidt [email protected] Game development is primarily an act of communication , the limits of your language are the limits of your world. Ludvig Wittengstein. GL1. GL2. GL3. GL4. GL Pm. User Research and QA.

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Game Development – Process

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Game Development – Process

  • Alessandro Canossa

  • [email protected]

  • Michael Schmidt

  • [email protected]

Spring 2010

Game development is primarily an act of communication,

the limits of your language are the limits of your world.

Ludvig Wittengstein







User Research and QA

Determine workflow, schedules, deliverables

Perform research

Set up participant recruitment pipeline

Track findings

Determine research methodology needs

Ongoing implementation process

Get feedback from dev/management stakeholders

Determine staffing needs

Understand dev team/franchise needs and wants

Vision document

  • The game's title (and subtitle) with an appropriate cover image

  • Company contact information

  • The game's High Concept, Hook, and One-Sentence Marketing Description

  • A bullet-point listing of the game's key features

  • A brief description of the game's Setup

  • A succinct narrative description of actual gameplay

  • A brief description of the game's Victory Conditions

  • Plenty of good concept art and screen shots (or at least screen mock-ups)

  • A controller diagram (if one is used)

  • All set in a unique binding (to set it apart from other Vision Documents) that itself helps convey the essence of the game.

Design Parameters

Media: Digital or Analog

Genre: Category (ontology)

Epoch: Setting (fiction, non fiction)

Scope: how much time / space are covered by the game? (battle or campaign)

Scale: level of closeness to objects (soldier or army)

Perspective: point of view

Treatment (10/30 pages)

  • 1 Title Page (and a short tagline to indicate what it’s about)

  • 2 Executive Summary (bulletpoints)

  • 3 Game Overview

    • High Concept

    • Genre

    • Hooks (USPs)

    • License (if any)

    • Gameplay Highlights

    • Technology Highlights

    • Art and Audio Highlights

    • Hardware

  • 4 Production Details

    • Current Status

    • Development Team

    • Budget

    • Schedule

    • Competition

  • 5 Game World

    • Backstory

    • Objective

    • Characters

    • Mission or Story Progression

Maintain a developer’s diary

  • Diary will make up 50% of the exam

  • Documentation of your tasks in developement

  • You should be able to give talks and presentations

  • (as your guests will)

  • Daily tasks

  • Challenges

  • Rewards

  • Workflow

  • People you report to

  • People that report to you

  • Role changing during development

  • What you neet to start your work

  • What you deliver when you are finished

  • Tools, pipeline and processes

Considerations on teams

  • Interpolation between issues:

  • No more than 1 producer and 1 game designer per team

  • Generally respecting wishes expressed

  • Identifycation of personality patterns and avoiding same type in teams

  • Data has been normalized and quantized, co-recurring variables identified,

And now… the teams

And now… the teams

And now… the teams

And now… the teams

And now… the teams

And now… the teams

And now… the teams

And now… the teams


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