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Dlms migration
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DLMS Migration. DLMS “Jump Start” Defense Logistics Management Standards Office (DLMSO). Supply PRC Meeting 28 November 2006. Overview. Background Concept Jump Start Program Program Highlights and Update Summary. Background.

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DLMS Migration

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Dlms migration

DLMS Migration

DLMS “Jump Start”

Defense Logistics Management Standards Office (DLMSO)

Supply PRC Meeting

28 November 2006




  • Background

  • Concept

  • Jump Start Program

  • Program Highlights and Update

  • Summary




USD AT&L Memo: Migration to the Defense Logistics Management Standard (DLMS)

and Elimination of the Military Systems (MILS), December 22, 2003

“I'll do whatever it takes to help make this happen.”

Paul Brinkley, DUSD (BT)

“This memorandum established policies for the total elimination

of the MILS, formerly known as the Defense Logistics Standard Systems (DLSS).”


- OSD AT&L continues to support DLMS migration

- L&MR recommended another memo

- Meeting with Mr. Paul Brinkley (BTA)

- “Quad Chart” requested for proposed “Jump Start” program

- “Priority Transactions” identified


- Jump Start Program Management Plan (PMP) developed and approved

- Announcement Memo July 24 ‘06; meetings with BTA on program specifics


Why is dlms migration important

Why is DLMS Migration Important?

  • MILs formats have become a serious constraint on business processes

    • 40 year old technology

    • Fixed Length

    • Hidden data content

    • Embedded data content

    • Non-compliant date format

    • Redundant data perpetuated

  • DoD requires an information exchange process that will support Business Transformation initiatives. DLMS addresses all the above and more…



Across the DoD

Logistics Enterprise


Dlms jump start concept

DLMS “Jump Start” Concept

  • Encourages DLMS migration (X12 or XML) by providing “jump start” funding incentives ( from BTA)

  • Phased, coordinated implementation of current and future high priority (e.g., RFID, IUID) transactions

    • Supports OSD Business Transformation priorities

    • Provides near term process improvements

    • Gives Components experience in implementing the DLMS


Dlms migration impact

DLMS Migration Impact

  • The DLMS incorporates new and expanded data content supporting process enhancements requested by the Components.

  • Business Transformation initiatives are enabled by DLMS in the use and exchange of data rich information formats such as:

    • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology

    • Item Unique Identification (IUID)

  • The DLMS supports new and innovative practices that require a quicker response to data needs in programs such as:

    • Performance Based Logistics (PBL)

    • Prime Vendor

    • Standard Financial Information Structure (SFIS)

    • Commercial Asset Visibility (CAV)


Dlms jump start highlights

DLMS Jump Start Highlights

  • Program Highlights:

    • Provides “seed” funds (from BTA) for DLMS migration implementation; ERP implementation focus

    • Provides phased implementation & support strategy:

      • Phase I: Transactions supporting RFID & IUID receiving processes

      • Phase II: Transactions supporting SFIS and additional IUID functionality

      • Phase III: Balance of DLMS transactions

  • Migrations already underway: DSS, BSM, Army LMP.


Dlms migration

Jump Start Program Metric

  • Percentage of all MILS and DLMS transactions processed IN and OUT of DAASC

  • 16.4 million DLMS processed in April, and 29.8 million DLMS processed in October

  • DSS and BSM migrations are contributing to the goal

Projected goal of 25% DLMS by Dec 2006


Dlms jump start update

DLMS Jump Start Update

  • Announcement Letter and Program Management Plan signed by DUSD (FM) on 24 July 2006

  • 17 systems nominated for FY 07:

    • Air Force2

    • Navy4

    • USMC6


  • BTA/DLMSO analysis completed

  • Awaiting BTA funding and details


Dlms jump start program assistance

DLMS Jump Start Program Assistance

  • Components will have implementation assistance:

    • DOD Support (BTA)

    • DLA Support

      • DLMSO Support

      • DAASC Support

  • Planning considerations:

    • Implementation Plans

    • Testing Plans

    • Risk Management Strategies

    • Status Reports




  • Summary

    • DLMS migration underway (FY 06 starts: DSS, BSM, LMP)

    • High-level game plan formulated for Jump Start incentives

    • BTA announcement signed and Program Plan approved

    • Components nominated 17 systems for conversion start FY 07

    • Successful migration examples available – Lessons Learned

    • Experience with conversion process mitigates cost over time

  • Next Steps – the Implementation Strategy

    • Approval and funding announcements by BTA

    • Project initiation

    • Posturing for the future based on BTA Priorities


Dlms migration

Jump Start Information

  • For additional information on DLMS Migration and the DLMS Jump Start Program:


    Note: Look under “Hot Topics” to select specific Jump Start subjects such as BTA Memo, Jump Start PMP,etc.


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