colton roley and devon m oore
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Colton Roley and Devon M oore

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Early and middle adulthood. Colton Roley and Devon M oore. Developmental t asks of young adults. To explore adult roles and situations To become independent To develop intimate relationships To adjust to living with others(non-family) To start a family and become a parent

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colton roley and devon m oore

Early and middle adulthood

Colton Roley and Devon Moore


Developmentaltasks of young adults

  • To explore adult roles and situations
  • To become independent
  • To develop intimate relationships
  • To adjust to living with others(non-family)
  • To start a family and become a parent
  • To begin a career
  • To assume responsibilities in home management
  • Some adults will not see all of these tasks nor in a certain order

Developmental tasks of young adults 2

Early Adulthood

This is the ages from 20 to 40 years of age. In young adulthood late teens or early 20s people assume of living in their parents footsteps is being successful, like doing their own parents professions.

Young adults will assume their parents will rescue them if their plans are failed, as they grow older they learn to become more independent individuals.


Developmental tasks of young adults 3

  • A Reassessment is when you determine the value of your life and its goals according to your career choice
  • Erik Erickson believes that relationships are key in young adulthood. People who do not develop an Intimate relationship may risk falling into a pattern of loneliness and depression
  • Intimate meaning without fear of rejection

Developmental tasks of young adults 3

  • Erik Erickson suggested that another important part of young adulthood is forming an ID – who you are and what you stand for(your values)
  • Identity brings the personal stability that is needed for lasting relationships.
  • A key task in young adulthood is the forming of relationships.
  • Married teens lacking identity have a higher divorce rate

Developmental tasks of mid adulthood

  • Helping ones children adjust from home to the outside world
  • Strengthening a relationship
  • Making the world a better place
  • Achieving mastery in your career
  • Adjusting with physical changes
  • Deciding how to spend your second adulthood
  • Pursuing ones passion
  • Coping with aging parents

Mid adulthood Goals

  • Generativity is the ability to create originate and produce.
  • Generativity is used to maintain and enhance self esteem and add meaning and purpose to an adults lives.
  • Stagnation however is the lack of advancement which can result in feelings of emptiness and meaningningless
  • Stagnation occurs when there is a lack of generativity

Mid adulthood goals

  • Planting roots or settling down may occur in your mid thirties.
  • People may Increase emotional and financial investments the rest of their lives.
  • People focus on gaining emotional and career stability

Midlife crisis

  • A midlife crisis is a second period of reassessment
  • The middle aged professional who sees a younger person advancing at a faster rate often becomes depressed
  • They may have feelings of loss of purpose or feel trapped.
  • It suggests that people are overwhelmed by the crushing realities and limits of their life.
  • This is valid according to Erickson

Empty nest syndrome

  • The feelings that may occur within an adult after their child leaves the home
  • They may feel a loss of meaning or emptiness
  • However since most parents recover rather fast, they get more involved in their love life while the nest is empty making this theory slightly invalid


  • Psychology principles in practice by Holt Reinheart and Winston