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These are some of the greatest animated movies ever created.

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Grossing Movies

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Grossing movies

Top Grossing Animated Movies

Grossing movies

Animated movies have entertained, inspire and love by many children. Even if the characters are fictional, strange and not commonly seen, they have been waited and watch by many. Creating a good animated movies take time and a lot of work just like making a regular movie.

Grossing movies

Animated movies were created with the use of CGI and mostly computer works. Here are some of the top watch animated movies that have been shown:

Grossing movies


The movie Frozen was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios in the year 2013 and was inspired by the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen. Grossing over 1,279,852,693 dollars worldwide, this animated movie s on the top ranking position.

Grossing movies

Toy Story 3

The movie Toy Story 3 was released by Walt Disney Pictures and was produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The movie was directed by Lee Unkrich and was produced by Darla K. Anderson. The movie Toy Story 3 grosses 1,062,171,911 dollars worldwide.

Grossing movies

The Lion King

The movie Lion King is a 1993 animated movie released by Walt Disney Pictures and was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation. The movie was inspired by many famous stories like Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the tale of Joseph and Mosses. The movie Lion King grosses over 957,483,777 dollars all over the world.

Grossing movies

Despicable Me 2

The movie Despicable 2 is a 2013 animated film and the second to the movie Despicable Me. Directed by Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin and was produced by Illumination Entertainment. The movie grosses over 970, 761,885 dollars all over the world.

Grossing movies

Finding Nemo

The movie Finding Nemo is animated movie of 2003 and was released by Walt Disney Pictures and directed by Andrew Stanton. The movie Finding Nemo was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and grosses over 936,743,261 dollars all over the world.

Grossing movies

Shrek 2

The movie Shrek 2 is an animated film of 2004 and the second sequel of the Shrek movie. The movie Shrek 2 was directed by Conrad Vernon, Kelly Asbury and Andrew Adamson and was produced by DreamWorks Animation. The film has grossed 919,838,758 worldwide.

Grossing movies

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The movie Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs or Ice Age 3 is an animated movie of 2009 and the third installment of the film Ice Age. The movie grosses over 886,686,817 dollars all over the world.

Grossing movies

These movies have great lessons to be learning especially for children and have entertaining story to tell. Animated movies have sequels because of the popularity and many have watch them and sometimes the sequels grosses more than the first one.

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