Database Courseware: Functionality and Classroom Usage
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Database Courseware: Functionality and Classroom Usage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Database Courseware: Functionality and Classroom Usage. NSF Grant: 008914. Mario Guimaraes [email protected] Recent Improvements. Recovery (Logical versus Physical writes) Concurrency – Triggers SQL: distinct, outer join, order by clauses

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Database Courseware: Functionality and Classroom Usage NSF Grant: 008914

Mario [email protected]

Recent improvements
Recent Improvements

Recovery (Logical versus Physical writes)

Concurrency – Triggers

SQL: distinct, outer join, order by clauses

More description in the concurrency modules

Making more friendly w/ more help windows

  • Set of Exams for each topic

  • Evaluations


  • Tutorials, exercises and animations to help understand fundamentals of database systems.

Problem motivation

  • It is difficult to communicate breadth and depth of concepts in a single course.

  • Most schools follow a similar structure to KSU.

    1 core db class CSIS3310

    1 elective db class CSIS4310

    graduate Database classes

    but not a standard as to what is taught.

Nsf ccli emd proof of concept
NSF-CCLI-EMD (proof-of-concept)

  • 2 year, 75K

  • Originality

  • Evaluation

  • Dissemination

Related research uniqueness
Related Research & Uniqueness

  • Animations have been successful in programming courses

  • Very little coursewarethat focus on databases

  • Arizona State University at Dietrich, Suzanne; Urban, Susan D.,

    • WinRDBI (Relational Algebra, Tuple Calculus, Domain Calculus, SQL)

    • 2nd DB Course (OODBMS, ORDBMS, DB on WWW, etc.)

Method of use
Method of Use

  • Display one Exercise in

    Scenario (Problem Specification) to E-R

    E-R to Tables

    Normalization, Denormalization,

    SQL procedural animation

    SQL construction

    SQL animation through Relational Alg.

    Embedded SQL

    Concurrency, Recovery, Triggers

    Assign exercises related to the scenario


  • Forms filled out by students and instructors at Kennesaw State University

  • Evaluations requested at End of Semester evaluations (Improvement)

  • Control Groups (Objective)

  • Evaluations by Faculty and Students from other campuses (7 Faculty, one Provost and two Oracle DBA)

  • Evaluation by measuring amount being used

  • Evaluation built into the software


  • 94% of students find the implementations helpful to understanding the topics.

  • “1) ER to Tables understand versus memorizing

    2) SQL queries: associates known code with unknown (multiple code windows), Reduces learning time.

    3) Concurrency: allows students to control their own pace. Reduces learning time.

    Students who are unsatisfied with the class as well as the satisfied students praised the software

  • Faculty: high evaluations of the software

  • Control groups showed students who used the software obtained better results in the SQL model

  • 10 institutions evaluated the software.


  • Conferences – SIGCSE, ACM/SE, Others

  • Papers, Workshops, Birds-of-Feathers

  • Direct Contact w/ Faculty from other Institutions

  • Addison Wesley, Navathe, etc.

  • International

Main suggestions received
Main Suggestions Received

  • Not a Standard Interface (Java, VB, Flash)

  • Problem Specification to Diagram Module

  • Lacks module for Faculty to insert their own problems

  • Needs more exercise

  • Flash part is too flashy

  • Java needs to be more flashy

  • VB: doesn’t run on some computers

  • NSF: conclude evaluation report

Ccli emd full proposal
CCLI-EMD (full proposal)

  • Interactive Tests mapped to Animations

  • New Exercises. More advanced topics and/or creating more examples in current topics ??

  • Defining Standard Interface. Which Interface to choose: Java or Flash ?