Digital archiving in peds er sony mavica mvc cd500 digital camera
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DIGITAL ARCHIVING IN PEDS ER Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 Digital Camera PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DIGITAL ARCHIVING IN PEDS ER Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 Digital Camera. Building a Digital Archive: The Camera Basics. Our goal is to obtain a large DIGITAL ARCHIVE of files containing the amazing cases we see in our PER

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Building a Digital Archive:The Camera Basics

  • Our goal is to obtain a large DIGITAL ARCHIVE of files containing the amazing cases we see in our PER

  • You first need to obtain written consent for taking the Photos/Videos (using the specific pre-formatted consent form)

  • Ask for a blank CD, initialize, and take as many pics/vids as you like

  • BE SURE to take a picture of the face sheet of the chart (contains name, VS, CC) and also the consent form

  • When complete, you now have a complete digital archive of the case: name, MRN, demographic/clinical info, consent form and clinical pics/videos

  • Finalize your disc and PLEASE remember to give it to one of the attendings to copy onto their desktop (so the PER keeps a copy), however you may take the disc with you!

  • The following slides are a primer on the use of the camera

Camera: Sony CD Mavica

Located on top of the camera is the microphone, shutter release, power (on/off) switch and the combination Mode Dial.

The Mode Dial has many operating positions.

To simplify, all you need are:

Camera icon – basic pictures

Arrow icon – playback, review

Filmstrip icon – videos

SET UP – used to finalize when finished taking pics/vids – MUST be done in order for a computer to be able to read/open the files.

Top of Camera: The Mode Dial

Getting Started: New disc

  • Open CD-R Compartment Button: Tucked in the side of the CD-R compartment, just above the external flash connection jack, this sliding button opens the CD-R compartment door.

New disc

  • Insert new disc, Turn the dial to the camera icon, Turn on the power

  • Initialization will start –set the camera down and using the jogdial, select “OK” and press the center button

  • If you see an error message simply open the camera and turn the disc over (it is difficult to tell on our generic discs which side is up)

  • When finished you can start taking pictures (camera icon) or videos (filmstrip icon)

  • For video: press silver shutter button once to start filming, and again to stop

Focus & zooming

  • Use for zooming

  • For pictures, lightly press the shutter ½ way and it will auto-focus and beep when ready for you to fully depress and take the picture

  • Shooting close-ups : press the flower on the jogdial

  • When done with shooting do not forget to finalize the disc so that the new pictures/video are reviewed on CD-ROM

Shooting movies

  • Turn the mode dial to the film icon

  • Press the shutter button fully down once.

  • “REC” appears on the screen & the camera starts recording the image & sound

  • Press the shutter button down again to stop recording

  • NOTE:

    • Zoom magnification & flash do not work in film mode

    • Time & date will not appear

To VIEW pictures or movies on LCD screen

  • Set dial mode to ►

  • Select the desired picture/movie with the jogdial

  • Movies:

    • Press center ● button on the jogdial to watch play back

    • Press ● again to stop playback

  Use this to Finalize

Use jogdial to select and finalize

This MUST be done in order to view your files on a computer

Finishing & Finalizing:SET UP  Disc Tool 1


Scene Mode - camera picks the best settings for these situations:


Twilight Portrait





(M) Full Manual - you choose both the shutter speed and aperture. The values available are the same as below.

(A) Aperture Priority - you pick the aperture, the camera picks the appropriate shutter speed. The choices range from F2 - F8 and will vary a bit depending on the focal range used.

(S) Shutter Priority - you choose the shutter speed and the camera picks the correct aperture. You can choose from a number of speeds ranging from 8 sec - 1/1000 sec.

The CD500 is powered by a Sony NP-FM50 Info LITHIUM rechargeable 7.2v "battery with a brain" -- it tells you on the LCD exactly how many minutes of runtime you have left.

Our camera has an extra battery and charger in the bag.


CAMERA Final Words

  • Keep the camera, charger & the owner’s manual in the case

  • Keep it in the upper cabinet behind the work station. Do not forget to lock the cabinet.

  • Do not take the camera outside the PER without notification

  • Try your best to take as many pictures & movies as you can – they are great for Case Conference

  • In general you get one chance while in the ER – remember to think about and do it!

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