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T u t a n k h a m u n. B y : R a n a A s a a d C l a s s : 6 e. W h o i s T u t a n k h a m u n ?.

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T u t a n k h a m u n

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By: RanaAsaad



Tutankhamun is the most well known Egyptian Pharaoh. He was born in 1346 BC. Tutankhamun was the pharaoh of Egypt from the age of 9. Soon after he became pharaoh, he married his teenage sister.

Why is Tutankhamun so well known ?

The reason that Tutankhamun is so well known today, is because his tomb, contained so many fabulous treasures and riches etc. which was found in 1922.

What is theMummy's Curse?

Legend has it, anyone who dares to open the tomb will suffer the wrath of the mummy.

Where was Tutankhamun born?

Tutankhamun was born in 1346 BC in Akhetaten, which is the capital city of Egypt.

The remains of the city currently is 12 kilometers.

When was Tutankhamun's Tomb Found?

The tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered on November 4, 1922 by an archaeologist named Howard Carter. Howard Carter was born in 1874 in Norfolk, England.

How did Tutankhamun die?

It is believed that King Tutankhamun wasn't murdered, but died from a broken leg.


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