Electricity review
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Electricity Review PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Electricity Review. Identify the parts of a circuit. converter. D-cell. Positive terminal. Negative terminal. wires. switch. What does a d-cell do for a circuit?. Provides stored energy to run the circuit. What does a switch do in a circuit?.

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Electricity Review

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Electricity Review

Identify the parts of a circuit



Positive terminal

Negative terminal



What does a d-cell do for a circuit?

  • Provides stored energy to run the circuit

What does a switch do in a circuit?

  • Controls the flow of electricity by opening and closing the circuit

What does a bulb do in a circuit?

  • Converts electric energy into light and heat

What does the wire do in a circuit?

  • Provides a pathway to carry the electricity from component to component

What is a conductor?

  • A material that allows electricity to flow through it

What is an insulator?

  • A material that does not allow electricity to flow through it

A battery, fossil fuels and food are all examples of

  • Stored energy

A light bulb in a circuit changes electricity into….

  • Heat and light energy

What is energy?

  • The ability to get things done

  • The ability to do work

What is the most important form of energy for our earth???

  • The SUN!!!

What is a series circuit??

  • A circuit that has component lined up in a row or series, such as light bulbs or d-cells

What is a parallel circuit?

  • A circuit that has components organized in circuits that are equivalent to each other.

Where does electricity flow in an electromagnet?

  • The electricity flows through the insulated wires

What direction does electricity flow from a D-cell?

Out the negative side and in through the positive side.

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