Module 23 steps 15 16 preconstruction engineering and design ped and other decision documents
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Civil Works Orientation Course - FY 11 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Module 23 STEPS 15 & 16 Preconstruction Engineering and Design (PED) and Other Decision Documents. Civil Works Orientation Course - FY 11. Objective:. Understand the process for execution of a PED agreement.

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Module 23 steps 15 16 preconstruction engineering and design ped and other decision documents

Module 23STEPS 15 & 16 Preconstruction Engineering and Design (PED) and Other Decision Documents

Civil Works Orientation Course - FY 11


  • Understand the process for execution of a PED agreement.

  • Understand what is the purpose of PED and what documents are completed in the PED phase.

Step 15 ped agreement

STEP 15 PED Agreement

Preconstruction engineering and design
Preconstruction Engineeringand Design

  • Currently cost-shared:

    • 75% - Federal

    • 25% - Non-Federal*

  • NEW!! In-kind credits allowed per Section 2003 WRDA 2007

    Model PED agreements & checklist on disc

*this is just a down payment – balance collected during construction

Preconstruction engineering and design agreement
Preconstruction Engineeringand Design Agreement

  • There are models for:

    • Single Purpose Navigation & Flood Risk Management Only

    • PED Agreement Checklist to HQ RIT for certification - 30 days prior to DE signature

  • Similar to FCSA

  • HQUSACE approves all Other PED Agreements

  • No PED work or issuance of contract until Agreement executed

  • District Engineer executes approved agreements

Preconstruction engineering and design agreement checklist
Preconstruction Engineeringand Design Agreement Checklist

  • General information

  • Cost sharing summary

  • Funding history

  • Special conditions

  • Review requirements, Sponsor

  • and Corps

Step 16 conduct ped

STEP 16 Conduct PED

Purpose of ped
Purpose of PED

  • Complete the detailed engineering & technical studies and design needed to begin construction of the project recommended in the decision document.

  • Preparation of plans and specifications of first significant construction contract

  • (NEW!!) Section 2035 WRDA 07 Safety Assurance Review – Calls for independent review of flood and hurricane/storm projects if Chief of Engineers determines that it is necessary to assure public health, safety, and welfare.

Preconstruction engineering and design1
Preconstruction Engineeringand Design

  • Starts after Division Engineer’s Transmittal Letter & execution of PED agreement

  • Ends with completion of first set of construction plans and specifications

Preconstruction engineering and design2
Preconstruction Engineeringand Design

  • Usually requires about two years to complete

  • Usually overlaps with the end of the feasibility phase.

  • Must keep PED funds separate from feasibility review funds

Preconstruction Engineeringand Design

  • Major Documents in PED:

    • Plans and specifications (P&S)

    • Design Documentation Report (DDR)

    • Draft Project Partnership Agreement (PPA)

    • Limited Reevaluation Reports (LRR) - Primarily for required economic/environmental updates

    • Real Estate Design Memorandums

Preconstruction Engineeringand Design

  • Plans and specifications:

  • Form the technical portion of the contract documents

  • Used to solicit bids from private contractors

  • Approved at the District

  • Used to construct the project

Ped coordination team
PED Coordination Team

  • Co-chaired by Corps project manager and sponsors counterpart

  • Oversees issues related to PED

    • Scheduling

    • Work Products

    • Plans and Specifications

    • Contract Award and Modification

    • Other Related Activities

Other documents
Other Documents

  • Other reports may be prepared during PED and/or other project phases for use as Decision Documents or Implementation Documents

Implementation Documents

Any report prepared for the purpose of implementing a project in accordance with its authorization

- O&M Manual

- Detailed engineering reports

- Plans & Specifications

Decision document
Decision Document

  • Any report prepared for the purpose of :

    • obtaining project authorization, modification, or Washington level approval;

    • obtaining commitment of Federal funds for project implementation; or

    • obtaining approval to spend and receive money as a result of entering into an agreement.

Decision Documents

  • Obtaining project authorization, modification, or verification:

    • Reconnaissance Report*

    • Feasibility Report

    • Limited Reevaluation Reports**

    • General Reevaluation Reports (GRR)**

    • Post Authorization Change (Section 902) Report

    • Detailed Project Report*

    • Major Rehabilitation Report

      * Approval at MSC

      ** Approval at MSC if no additional Congressional action required

Decision Documents

  • Obtaining project authorization - modification:

    • Dam Safety Report

    • Design Deficiency Report

    • Dredged Material Management Plans*

    • Water Supply Reallocation Report

      * Approval at MSC

Other Decision Points

  • Reports in defense of budgetary decision(s)

  • Project Partnership Agreements

  • Credit Agreements

  • Memorandums of Agreement

  • Feasibility Cost Sharing Agreements

  • PED Cost Sharing Agreements

  • Water Supply Contracts