Professional development for personal and professional growth
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Professional Development for Personal and Professional Growth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Professional Development for Personal and Professional Growth. Addressing the needs of the local. Where to start the conversation. members new in their role previous training local issues and culture prior knowledge and information work together as a team

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Professional development for personal and professional growth

Professional DevelopmentforPersonal and Professional Growth

Addressing the needs of the local

Where to start the conversation
Where to start the conversation...

  • members new in their role

  • previous training

  • local issues and culture

  • prior knowledge and information

  • work together as a team

  • understand their duties and responsibilities

  • resources available to support them

  • support from the executive

  • collegiality and collaboration

  • professional behaviour

What s my communication style
What’s My Communication Style...

Passive Approach:

give in regardless of your position

Aggressive Approach:

actively state what you want and try to force others to agree

Assertive Approach:

ask for what you want clearly and openly, explain your position logically, negotiate rationally and avoid emotion

Kim Long-NSCC Managing Professional Development Series

Reflection where am i now
Reflection: Where Am I Now...

  • Current StrengthsMy current strengths are...__________________________________________________________________________

  • _____________________________________

  • Learning NeedsI would like to/need to learn more about...__________________________________________________________________________

  • _____________________________________

  • How I LearnI learn best when...________________________________________________________________________________

  • ________________________________________

What does my plan look like
What Does My Plan Look Like...

A goal I would like to strive for this year is...__________________________________________________________________________


Keeping track
Keeping Track

Some ways of keeping track of my progress are....1. _____________________________________2. _____________________________________

3. _____________________________________

Specific steps I will take to reach my goal:

1. _______________________________ 2. _______________________________3. _______________________________4. _______________________________

Ways i can evaluate my plan
Ways I Can Evaluate My Plan...

  • 1. ________________________________________

  • 2. _________________________________________

  • 3. _________________________________________

  • 4. _________________________________________

Strengths and abilities i can
Strengths and AbilitiesI can...

  • Communicate well

  • Present to a small/large group

  • Use technology

  • Problem solve

  • Say ‘I don’t know’

  • Deal with difficult people/situations

  • Be a team player

  • Work behind the scenes

  • Balance my work, volunteer and family life

  • Run an effective meeting

  • Manage time – keep a session moving

  • Focus on the ‘big picture’

  • Keep a committee on task

  • Accept leadership roles

  • Delegate leadership roles

  • Show other committee members I value their contribution

  • Work to reach consensus

Strengths and abilities i know
Strengths and AbilitiesI know...

  • My role as a member of the PD committee

  • The Local Constitution and By-Laws

  • Local and Provincial Contract as it pertains to my role and responsibility

  • What resources are available to me locally and provincially

  • Who to contact when I have a concern

  • How to motivate members to take part in local pd opportunities

  • What obstacles we must overcome


  • Complementary Skills

  • A Common Purpose

  • Goals

  • Accountability

  • Mutual Trust/Respect

  • Identified Roles and Responsibilities

  • Commitment

  • Obstacles

Needs assessment tools
Needs Assessment Tools...

  • Surveys (paper/on-line)

  • Focus groups

  • Eat and meet luncheons

  • Monthly newsletters with spot for input (letter to the editor)

  • Suggestion box on local site and at meetings

  • Encourage school reps to hold ‘constructive’ conversations at school sites

The role of the executive staff officer
The Role of the Executive Staff Officer

  • Support and advise the local Professional Development Committees

  • Assist in locating materials and presenters for professional development events

  • Work closely with local committees to develop the skills needed for delivery of presentations

  • Offer tips for communicating and working with colleagues

  • Assist locals with identifying and implementing current initiatives

Is it working
Is It Working... evaluation tools

  • Collect and compare data – is attendance increasing or decreasing at sessions

  • Are we getting more positive responses on evaluation forms

  • Are we offering sessions that meet a need

  • Are we responding to session feedback

  • Are we reaching all members – early, mid and late career

  • Are the times and dates of sessions convenient

  • Do our members feel valued and heard at our sessions

  • Are we doing a good job getting our message out to members

Concerns... evaluation tools

  • Apathy

  • Engaging new members

  • Burnout

  • Dissatisfaction

  • Time commitments

  • Ownership

  • Perception

  • Moving forward

  • If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow GRAIN their people make the most of them. That is the power of innovation and creative leadership.

  • If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow TREES

  • If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow PEOPLE

    • - Chinese Proverb