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Adverb notes
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Adverb Notes. Definition. An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Adverbs answer the following questions:. How? Where? When? To What extent?. Examples.

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Adverb Notes

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Adverb notes

Adverb Notes



  • An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb

Adverbs answer the following questions

Adverbs answer the following questions:




To What extent?



  • The sprinter ran swiftly. [The adverb swiftly modifies the verb ran and tells how.]

  • I read the funny pages early on Sunday morning. [The adverb early modifies the verb read and tells when.]



5. Dad will sometimes quote from famous poets. [The adverb sometimes modifies the verb will quote and tells when.]

6. Put the apples there, and we will eat them later. [The adverb there modifies the verb put and tells where. The adverb later modifies the verb will eat and tells when.]



3. Jolene was comforting a very small child. [The adverb very modifies the adjective small and tells to what extent.]

4. The fire blazed too wildly for anyone to enter. [The adverb too modifies the adverb wildly and tells to what extent. The adverb wildly modifies the verb modifies the verb blazed and tells how.]

Words often used as adverbs

Words Often Used as Adverbs



  • Away

  • Here

  • Inside

  • There

  • Up

Adverb notes


  • Later

  • Now

  • Soon

  • Then

  • Tomorrow

Adverb notes


  • Clearly

  • Easily

  • Quietly

  • Slowly

To what extent

To what extent?

  • Almost

  • So

  • Too

  • More

  • Least

  • Extremely

  • Quite

  • Very

  • Not

Take note

Take Note

The word not is nearly always used as an adverb modifying a verb. When not is part of a contraction, as in hadn’t, aren’t, and didn’t, the –n’t is still an adverb and is not part of the verb.

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