Alachua county community development block grant application for funding
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Alachua County Community Development Block Grant Application for Funding PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alachua County Community Development Block Grant Application for Funding. 1 st Public Hearing June 28, 2011. Purpose. Two public hearings are required for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application.

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Alachua County Community Development Block Grant Application for Funding

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Alachua County Community DevelopmentBlock GrantApplication for Funding

1st Public Hearing

June 28, 2011


  • Two public hearings are required for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application.

  • This first public hearing will allow citizens’ and commissioners’ input, outline CDBG grant categories, and provide a staff recommendation on a CDBG grant category.

  • The second public hearing, in September, will allow for public comments before the CDBG grant application is submitted.


The CDBG Program is:

  • A federal grant program that, through the State of Florida, Alachua County is eligible to apply for;

  • A primary source of funding for housing and community development;

  • Used for a variety of community development activities such as residential and nonresidential property rehabilitation, homeownership assistance, and economic development.

CDBG Objectives

National objectives:

  • Undertake activities that principally benefit low and moderate income persons;

  • Prevent or eliminate slum or blight;

  • Address urgent needs of recent origin for which there is no other funding.

Small Cities CDBG Program

Florida’s Small Cities CDBG Program:

  • Funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD);

  • Administered by the Department of Community Affairs (DCA);

  • Available to cities with less than 50,000 residents and counties with less than 200,000 residents.

Grant Categories

There are four primary categories under which Alachua County may apply for funding:

  • Housing Rehabilitation;

  • Neighborhood Revitalization;

  • Commercial Revitalization;

  • Economic Development.

Housing Rehabilitation

Objective is to improve housing conditions and expand housing opportunities for very low, low, and moderate income persons by:

  • Rehabilitation of substandard houses;

  • Demolition of dilapidated housing;

  • Relocation to replacement housing;

  • Installation of wells/septic tanks (where potable water or sewer service is not available);

  • Mitigation of future natural disaster hazards.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Objective is to revitalize declining neighborhoods and improve infrastructure by addressing problems that influence neighborhood vitality by:

  • Construction or improvement of infrastructure (roads, drainage, and water/sewer facilities);

  • Construction/rehabilitation of neighborhood facilities that provide community services;

  • Construction/rehabilitation of facilities for persons with disabilities and removal of architectural barriers;

  • Mitigation of natural disaster hazards.

Commercial Revitalization

Objective is to revitalize commercial areas that are showing signs of decline by:

  • Repair/rehabilitation of building facades;

  • Construction/reconstruction of streets, utilities, public spaces, parking facilities, etc.;

  • Acquisitions of substandard or blighted properties to carry out a redevelopment plan.

Economic Development

Objectives are to provide long-term jobs, promote private capital investment, and expand local tax bases by:

  • Providing job training and placement;

  • Expanding infrastructure to attract or retain businesses;

  • Acquisition, construction, or rehabilitation of commercial/industrial buildings and structures;

  • Purchase of capitalized machinery and equipment.

Previous CDBG Funded Projects

Alachua County has successfully applied for funding and implemented projects under the Housing Rehabilitation category.

Grant Application

  • The state does not target Small Cities CDBG funding to particular areas.

  • The application process favors local governments that have undertaken fair housing and equal opportunity activities.

  • Grants are awarded based on competitively-scored applications.

Grant Ceiling

  • The LMI population determines the amount of money that can be received.

  • Alachua County is eligible to apply for $750,000 in funding.

Application Process

  • Select a grant category that meets community needs after hearing citizens’ and commissioners comments during 1st public hearing;

  • Create grant application;

  • Finalize and submit application after public review and comment during 2nd public hearing;


  • Identifying projects for Neighborhood or Commercial Revitalization or Economic Development Categories requires long-term planning, thorough data collection, and availability of time and resources;

  • The County has had success and has experience in applying for and implementing Housing Rehabilitation grants;

  • There is a need for projects within the Housing Rehabilitation category in the community;

  • Staff recommends that the County apply for a CDBG grant to fund Housing Rehabilitation projects.

Next Steps

  • Staff will prepare grant application as directed;

  • A 2nd public hearing for citizens’ and commissioners’ review and comment will be held August 9, 2011;

  • County will submit grant application to DCA before the August 15, 2011deadline.

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