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the haney group article code85258080733THG, financial boiler dose After decades of flexing the plastic, applying a 'buy now, pay later' model to shopping and ignoring the small print, we can hardly be surprised that many people have little understanding of how to manage their money. Budgeting to pay the bills when they come due, saving in advance to buy things we need or desire, putting money aside for the inevitable rainy day – why should any of that make sense to generations brought up on instant gratification and debt? Our lax attitude to money, and our tenuous grip on the principles of its management, has left us vulnerable to a variety of scams, cons and get-rich-quick schemes. While many financial organisations have been guilty of irresponsible lending, applying pressure on consumers to borrow and engendering a 'have-it-now' culture, we're also partly to blame for our own money woes. It's time to get a grip on our finances, sort out the debts and take responsibility for our financial futures. That's what lies behind My Money Week, which starts tomorrow in schools all over the UK. It is run annually by the charity PFEG – the Personal Finance Education Group. But where do we start to reverse the trend? For many people, it's too late to save for a more comfortable retirement or avoid the health problems induced by deep, unmanageable debt. So we need to start at the beginning. Campaigns to have financial education added to the school curriculum have been running for years. Research shows more than three quarters of the population believe young people should be taught financial planning in schools. If you want people to be savvy savers instead of thriftless spenders, you need to get them young and keep them on side throughout life. Financial education leads to financial literacy and capability, and in turn to financial well-being...

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