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Puerto rico
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PUERTO RICO. By IMANI. Can you imagine living in a place where it never snows? I can because my dad told me that his dad lived in a place called Coamo in Puerto Rico.

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Puerto rico



Puerto rico

  • Can you imagine living in a place where it never snows? I can because my dad told me that his dad lived in a place called Coamo in Puerto Rico.

Puerto rico

  • He lived on a farm that was surrounded by a forest. It's always 70 to 80 degrees there. My dad said his dad would be sweating by the time he was done with his chores.

Puerto rico

  • Puerto Rico was founded by Christopher Columbus. In 1493 he claimed the land for Spain. There were people called Tianos. Puerto Rico used to be called Bautista until Christopher Columbus changed it.

Puerto rico

  • Puerto Rico celebrates holidays like Christmas but differently. When carolers go door-to-door singing, the people who answer the door give the carolers food and drinks.

Puerto rico

  • The person I look up to lives in Puerto Rico. Her name is Rita Moreno.

  • Rita is a famous singer, dancer, and actor. She played in a lot of TV shows like George Lopez, Law and Order, and Oz.

  • Her real name is Rosita Moreno.

  • Rita Moreno is great at singing and dancing.

  • That’s why I look up to her. One day I hope I can be just like her.

Puerto rico

There are many resources in Puerto Rico like cattle, lobster, and tobacco. They use these resources to sell, to cook and to eat. They also have more resources. They are stone, copper, and nickel.

Drug factory

Puerto rico

Some people think that Puerto Rico is crowded, but it is not. It has just 3,860,091 people and it's size is only 3,508 square miles.

Puerto rico

Puerto Rico has had many hurricanes. They did a lot of damage to many people’s homes. One hurricane nearly destroyed Puerto Rico. The name of the hurricane is Hurricane Isabel. She is one of the worst hurricanes ever to hit Puerto Rico.

Puerto rico

Some people did not want to go to Puerto Rico because of that hurricane. But I still would like to go to Puerto Rico some day. Would you like to go to Puerto Rico?

Puerto rico


Puerto rico


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